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Selling with the repair of apartments in Moscow. "Avangard77"

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Choosing a home to invest in real estate - "Stalinist" brick

mostly Brick house Stalinist buildings is the best investment

Investing in residential properties, it is necessary to pay attention not only to the state directly, but also on the quality of the home. First of all, important the material from which constructed the building. Ideally, of course, a brick house. It is important to state utilities: electric, sewer and water networks, heating systems.

One of the best choices - the Stalin house. They are built of brick, and therefore, they will be warm in winter and comfortable in summer. Because of the high ceilings in these apartments a lot of air, light and spacious, and the large staircase add to the appeal of the entrance. The architectural appearance of Stalin's houses is also impressive: beautiful facades with decoration in the Empire style embody the spirit of Moscow.

Brick house Stalinist buildings


Call us on (495) 777-33-77 or leave a request and we will help You make the best investment possible on the Moscow market.


as soon as I saw the apartment on the website, knew immediately – our. Excellent repair, the forethought of planning, quality equipment and materials, all top level.

sincerely, Constantine and Victoria

saw the apartment when it was repair, in a terrible state. And we were pleasantly surprised that ZAO "Avangard77" in due time made an excellent repair in the apartment. Made the harmonization of redevelopment, considerably eased our situation. Very pleased with the work of employees.


gratefully, buyers of apartments at the address: Moscow, Presnensky Val, d. 4/29.

thank you for the prompt resolution and assistance in all matters related to the purchase of an apartment on Leninsky Prospekt. A dream come true a son – to live it is here, on Lenin!

Buyers of apartments Leninsky prospect, 83

tel.: +7 (495) 777-33-55
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