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Selling with the repair of apartments in Moscow. "Avangard77"

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Where to buy investment flats

of Course, in the best area!

If you are buying for investment purposes, you should pay serious attention to its location. After all, the place has a great influence on the price per square meter - characterization of demand. In Moscow the prices, and hence demand for the same type of apartments in different areas vary significantly Which areas historically considered to be the best in Moscow? Of course, it is the center, West and South-West.

apartments in the center of Moscow 

Central districts historically prestigious, there is very convenient to live. Well-developed infrastructure, generally, there are good public transport - metro, buses, trolleybuses. In addition, the center of Moscow - this is living history, every street, every alley have a historical past. Courtyards in the center of Moscow is also a kind of cultural phenomenon. In short, if you want the demand and the price of your property grow, then you are in the center.

apartments in CJSC 

Western administrative Okrug is one of the best places to stay in Moscow. The most ecologically clean areas, good transport accessibility to three metro lines - all of this makes JSC one of the most attractive areas in the capital. Kutuzovsky Prospekt is government run, the place of life political, creative and business elite of the capital. Mosfilmovskaya street, Bolshaya Filevskaya, Bolshaya Dorogomilovskaya, the prospectus Vernadsky, Lomonosov, University distinguished consistently high demand for housing, which was not shaken even a crisis.

 apartments in Moscow's southwestern administrative area

South-West of the capital is also one of the most prestigious areas. The area on the General plan of Moscow, intended for research institutes, universities and professors has a special aura. Glory to Soviet science and education lives in monumental blocks MSU is the largest and most prestigious University in the capital.

the Dream of the future city will merge into the harmony of civilization and nature was embodied in the South-Western district with wide boulevards, shady squares, cultural institutions, zravoohranenija and education. This is the most ecologically clean district. Location on the hill, parks and forests, which clean the air and are fine places, the lack of production and a favorable wind rose at once distinguish the South-Western suburbs. No wonder the West are called the "lungs of the capital".

apartments in CAO of Moscow 

Northern administrative district is relatively small compared to other districts of the capital. A large number of parks, squares and reservoirs make the ecological situation of the district is rather comfortable. It is also important that on the territory of CAO is 14 13 secondary and higher educational institutions, among which the most famous and prestigious universities of the country: the MAI, MFTI, Agricultural Timiryazev Academy, Art and industry Institute named after Stroganov, and others.

In the Northern administrative district is much superior homes of the Stalinist period. The demand for apartments in these buildings are traditionally large. The main thoroughfare of the district - Leningradskoye shosse. At the moment the project "Big Leningradka", which will allow you to move on the highway without traffic lights from the centre to the ring road, is nearing completion. As the road construction, traffic conditions will improve.

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many thanks for the prompt resolution and assistance in all matters related to the purchase of an apartment on Leninsky Prospekt. A dream come true a son – to live it is here, on Lenin!

Buyers of apartments Leninsky prospect, 83

as a result, I now have a wonderful apartment, not far from the city center, completely renovated, in a period of two days. Thanks to all of you great, my dear! You are absolutely right, generally the buyer is protected from all the problems!

sincerely, K. Y.

I admire and you bastard! And Windows on two sides emerge: one in the morning the sun is shining, the birds are singing (I swear! I didn't know that in Moscow under the birds chirping to Wake up), and in another – sunset watching. Beauty… Obzavidueshsya!

Olga Odnovolova

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