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Selling with the repair of apartments in Moscow. "Avangard77"

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State of repair

Condition of the apartment is the most important factor for its liquidity

Realtors know that the apartments in good condition are sold much easier apartments without repair. After all, when choosing an apartment it is very important first impression. The apartment is spick and span will always make a better impression and thus, repair may be the last straw on the scales of decision. Apartment allows those who are planning to lease acquired real estate, start doing it immediately after purchase, increasing the profitability of the acquired asset.

and the price of renting an apartment will be higher and the customer base more solid, if repair complies with European standards. Apartment with quality repairs in prestigious areas is often removed for Western companies coming from abroad of specialists.


Call us on (495) 777-33-77 or leave a request and we will help You make the best investment possible on the Moscow market.


...the construction crew working at the facility, has fulfilled all my requests about further improvement. Everything was done quickly and efficiently...

with the buyer of the apartment on Frunze embankment, 14

the apartment is new, really high-quality repairs. Builders work professionally, don't skimp on the materials.

the buyer of the apartment Nakhimovsky prospect, 42

...a remarkable renovation, appliances manufactured in Europe, very high quality finish, well-made toilet, a great plumber, well thought out plan. All the features in the website, also absolutely true. I want to note that I asked advanced glazing and insulate the balcony, what was done, as if by magic, in a few days...

sincerely, K. Y.

tel.: +7 (495) 777-33-55
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