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Buy a design renovation apartment in Moscow! Sale for 3 days!!

+7 (495) 777-33-55

Sale of 2-br. apartments, Hohlovskiy pereulok d.10 str.7 (# 449)

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to buy an apartment Central area (CAO)
The repair is completed. Ready to sell 3 day
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Referals of "Avangard77"

I would like to thank the employee of the company "Avangard77" Tamara Smagin for the excellent work! Sensitivity to the client! The acquisition of the apartment was easy! In time! I want to say thanks! for the preparation of documents and assistance in re! Thanks again!!

Boris and Natalia

Twice he bought the company - all clearly and "sensitively": very professional. Both deals conducted with Smagina Tamara Vladimirovna - cooperation with it has left only positive impressions. Pleased to are convinced that after the transaction the company performs its obligations: guarantee for apartments for a year really "works". It is very pleasant that in the Russian real estate market there is a team of professionals. And special thanks to the staff, who established and developed your excellent website!

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it was a Pleasure to work with Tamara Smagina, clear all the time and to the point. Alla Grigoryevna always possible to reach a compromise. More such transactions.

With best regards, Vyacheslav

Moscow! Metropolis!
once for All, once for lunch, once to call loved ones,
no time to arrange "the nest", why, because it's only for a night!
Because when we are thinking about buying an apartment, immediately pushes it from me.
a mortgage, the transaction, repair - nerves - luxury!
I stared, looking at first the apartment corresponding to my needs, and they are not male)
Then to repair was made!
Well, why to make war, to spoil the nerves, the time for repair?
And accidentally found an elite unit in Miele,
77 avant-garde!
Please,transaction processing for 2 weeks, the repair is ready, did not have time to collect boxes,
And the keys in your pocket!
I don't believe those who say that buying an apartment is hell!
It's simple, elegant, and intelligent!
From the first contact by phone until further service after our
anytime of day will help everyone from the realtor who helped You to choose the apartment
To the person who had arranged all the repairs and furnishing the apartment!
Thanks everyone: Tamara, Julia, Vyacheslav, the company!
well done!
And You're so far ahead of the rest of the service, in its approach to business!

Very grateful to You!

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Irina on "the Island".

I Want to Express huge gratitude <Avangard77> and if to be exact - specifically the Allais G. Vishnevskaya, Elena Konstantinovna Rasskazovo and Tamara V. Smagina. These people have managed to do what we could not believe. We succeeded thanks to their highly skilled work to acquire apartment with high quality repairs, with officially coordinated redevelopment, in particular our really agreement term. It seemed to us that this is possible only if will have to spend an incredible amount of nervous and physical energy kill it if not a year, at least half a year of life. We did it almost without our active participation and absolutely no any fears, nerves, emotions and torments. As you imagine all the people who worked acquisition, repair and alignment alterations, it is impossible believe that <Avangard -MB for three months, together with highly qualified and very responsible foremen, who were repairs in our apartment (Vyacheslav and Mikhail), to give us renovated apartment renovated, made according to our wishes, harmonized in all official authorities and redevelopment. Our familiarity with <Avangard77 happened quite by accident: after long and unsuccessful searches of apartments on the website <MIEL> in section < Apartment we saw the information <Avangard77> (very visual, including plans of apartments before and after redevelopment, including a slide show, pictures of her before and after repair) about the apartment currently under repair. This enabled us together with <Avangard77> to select the best option redevelopment (of many considered), together in the current operational mode to coordinate all the work on design decisions and performed repair. We managed to purchase an apartment to see performed live <Avangard77> repair selling similar apartments seen with my own eyes surpassed what we saw on the website. What else struck us in communicating with these people is their desire to go meet the client, hear all his wishes, the ability to accept his reasonable proposals and to convince him that is what he not quite right - and to find a mutually acceptable solution. When our habit is all relationship the most to make treaties, Alla The G. Vishnevskaya managed to convince us that even having our relationships by type of repair (we find it difficult to believe that after the end of the transaction and receipt of money renovating really will be performed, moreover, in time and quality) in reality, we make sure that everything will be done as guarantees <Avangard77>. It's hard to believe this obligation without the usual contractual relations (sanctions, fines and other legal updates) - but the results of the work - we cannot thank the people who manage to keep their word - to make in time your work. In our job was the main thing - time to consider suggestions <Avangard77> by type of repair, so as not to delay. All this time all our friends and acquaintances we are constantly told about incredible purchase apartment - in General, we it seems that you can be a living example of what incredible sometimes. Thanks again for Your work.

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Igor, Rima, Larissa Lipkina
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19 500 000 RUR
19 500 000 RUR
251 000 $
227 500 €
(473 301 RUR for m2)
473 301 RUR
6 092 $
5 522 €

Address: Hohlovskiy pereulok, 10 стр.7, Map

District: the Basmanny district, area: Central area (CAO)

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6 floor of 9-storey house, brick.
The size of the apartment, m2
Common Residential Kitchen

balcony, the bathroom is combined, windows into the courtyard.

Benefits and features

the apartment has kitchen with household appliances. Bathrooms are equipped with fixtures from the best manufacturers. All materials and components are imported. Possible sale of mortgage and pay at wire transfer
the Apartment is fully legally and physically available. Access to the transaction 3 days!


the House is located in the historical center of Moscow, in one of the quiet alleys of the Basmanny district. Near Pokrovsky Boulevard, Myasnitskaya garden, Morozov garden. The place for a comfortable stay in the area combining history and modern infrastructure.


Museums: Marine aquarium on Clean ponds 0,5 km, Residential building on the Yauza Boulevard 0,5 km, Kitaygorodskaya wall 0,9 km, Imperial orphan's house 1,0 km, The Museum of dolls "Doll house" 1,0 km, Ulitsa Varvarka and old English court 1,1 km, English court 1,2 km, Tretyakov passage 1,4 km, St. Basil's Cathedral 1,5 km, High-rise building on the square Red Gate 1,5 km, Museum of the history of the police 1,5 km, The Lenin Mausoleum 1,6 km, Monument to Minin and Pozharsky 1,6 km, Red square 1,6 km, Bunker-42 on Taganka 1,6 km, The building of the hotel and restaurant Yar 1,7 km, Kazan Cathedral 1,7 km, Historical Museum 1,7 km, Museum of the history of the USSR 1,8 km, The Museum-theater "Ice age" 1,8 km, Triumph Palace 1,8 km, Museum of the history of drunkenness 1,8 km, The Bolshoi theatre 1,8 km, Andronikov monastery 1,8 km, House of Unions - Noble collection 1,9 km, Tower Of The Moscow Kremlin 1,9 km, The assumption Cathedral of the Kremlin 1,9 km, Archangel Cathedral of the Kremlin 1,9 km, Annunciation Cathedral of the Kremlin 1,9 km, Ivan the Great bell tower in the Kremlin 1,9 km, The Moscow Kremlin 1,9 km, Apartment house Falcon 1,9 km, Hospice on the Sukharevka 2,1 km, Alexander garden 2,1 km, Geological Museum named after Vernadsky 2,1 km, Pashkov House 2,1 km, Bolotnaya square 2,1 km, Ensemble Rogozhskaya Yamskaya Sloboda 2,1 km, Savvinskoe PODVOR'e 2,2 km, Nikulin Moscow circus on Tsvetnoy Boulevard 2,3 km, Zoological Museum of Moscow University 2,3 km, Pyatnitskaya and Restaurant street of the capital 2,3 km, Tretyakov gallery 2,3 km, Vysoko-Petrovsky monastery 2,4 km, The City Hall Of Moscow 2,4 km, Municipal Museum "the house on the embankment" 2,4 km, Museum of retro cars 2,5 km, The Chambers Of Averky Kirillov 2,5 km, Anglican Church 2,5 km, Moscow state University Botanical garden and Apothecary garden 2,6 km, Epiphany Cathedral in Yelokhovo 2,6 km, Arseniy Morozov's mansion - the House of receptions of the Government of the Russian Federation 2,7 km, Cafés "Cats and people" 2,7 km, Park Muzeon 2,7 km, Museum of fine arts named after Pushkin 2,7 km, City Tour Moscow 2,8 km, Park manor Lefortovo 2,8 km, Hermitage Gardens 2,8 km, The Cathedral Of Christ The Savior 2,8 km, Center of photography behalf of the brothers of Lumier 2,9 km, Central Museum of contemporary history of Russia 3,0 km, The Museum of Soviet arcade games 3,0 km
Theatres: Cathedral of saints Peter and Paul 0,3 km, Children's musical theater "Ekspromt" 0,6 km, The Sovremennik Theatre 0,7 km, The Theater Courage 0,9 km, The Theatre Of Oleg Tabakov 0,9 km, Theatre Et Cetera 1,2 km, Gogol center 1,2 km, Center-Museum of Vladimir Vysotsky 1,4 km, Theatre. Pokrovsky 1,4 km, Arts 1,4 km, Children's theatre the House of Fanny bell 1,4 km, Club Fassbinder 1,4 km, The Moscow regional theatre of dolls 1,5 km, Moskontsert on a Gun 1,5 km, Theatre "Commonwealth of actors" taganki 1,5 km, The Taganka theatre 1,5 km, The theater art Studio 1,5 km, The jazz club of Igor Butman 1,6 km, Red square 1,6 km, Little theatre 1,6 km, Club Theatre 1,7 km, Estate. 1,7 km, Confederations Cup football 2017 1,8 km, Kalipso club 1,8 km, The Bolshoi theatre 1,8 km, The State Kremlin Palace 1,8 km, School of Dramatic art 1,8 km, Ramtha 1,8 km, Hall of columns 1,9 km, Operetta 1,9 km, MDT Involvement 1,9 km, Fabulous theatre 2,0 km, The Museum Of S. S. Prokofiev 2,0 km, ITC's "the Cherry orchard" 2,1 km, The Yermolova Theatre 2,1 km, Moscow art theatre named after A. P. Chekhov 2,1 km, School-Studio of the Moscow art theatre 2,2 km, Mumiy Troll Music Bar 2,2 km, Moscow Music hall 2,2 km, Theatre 31 2,3 km, Circus of Nikulin on Tsvetnoy Boulevard 2,3 km, Children's theater A-z 2,3 km, Tsdkzh 2,3 km, The Union Of Composers 2,3 km, The Theatre Of Nations 2,3 km, Musical theatre of Stanislavsky and Nemirovich – Danchenko 2,4 km, Shopping center na Strastnom 2,5 km, The Theatre Of S. A. D. 2,5 km, Variety Theatre 2,5 km, Club Rhythm Blues Cafe 2,5 km, Anglican Cathedral of St. Andrew 2,5 km, House Music 2,5 km, Moscow Conservatory 2,6 km, Teatr GITIS 2,6 km, Mansion Spiridonov 2,6 km, Theatre Russia 2,7 km, MKHAT of bitter 2,7 km, Club RED 2,7 km, Concert hall "Izvestia Hall" 2,8 km, Lenk 2,8 km, Children's Variety Theatre 2,8 km, Moscow puppet theatre 2,8 km, Tsdzh 2,8 km, Theatre. Mayakovsky 2,8 km, Moon Theatre 2,8 km, Children's Musical theatre of Young Actor 2,8 km, The Theater Voice 2,8 km, The Cathedral Of Christ The Savior 2,8 km, The Theatre Industry 2,8 km, The puppet theatre Obraztsov 2,8 km, Theatre of Russian song 2,9 km, The Pushkin theatre 2,9 km, Teatro ApARTe 2,9 km, Moscow children's Theatre of puppets 2,9 km, The Novaya Opera theatre 2,9 km, Theatre at Nikitsky gate 2,9 km
Universities: VA STRATEGIC MISSILE FORCES 1,0 km, HSE 1,0 km, Raivis 1,1 km, RSCP 1,2 km, MSUDT 1,3 km, Msutm 1,3 km, MIIGAiK 1,3 km, Goose 1,4 km, MGGU. Sholokhov 1,4 km, HCA them. Maimonides 1,5 km, WTU them. Schepkin 1,6 km, WIS 1,6 km, MARCHI 1,6 km, Rguitp 1,7 km, : 1,8 km, MGUU 1,8 km, The art. Surikov 1,9 km, Msupe 2,0 km, Mrsu 2,0 km, School-Studio of the Moscow art theatre 2,1 km, CIM im. P. I. Tchaikovsky 2,6 km, GITIS 2,7 km, The MSTU. Bauman 2,7 km, The Gnessins 2,7 km, IBD 2,8 km, MSMSU 2,9 km
Business centers: Noah's Ark 0,3 km, Napmen Club 0,3 km, Salt yard 0,4 km, The Singing 0,5 km, On Podsosensky 0,6 km, Boulevard Ring 0,7 km, House Chaplygina 0,7 km, China Town 0,7 km, ARGO 0,8 km, Silver City 0,8 km, Silver city 0,8 km, Sadko 0,8 km, Melnicki 0,8 km, Lubyanka 0,8 km, Atrium 0,9 km, Business centre trading-industrial chamber of the Russian Federation 0,9 km, Golden Gross 0,9 km, Pokrovka 47 1,0 km, Citidel 1,0 km, Delta plaza 1,1 km, On Haritonyevskiy 1,1 km, George Plaza 1,1 km, Butcher's yard 1,1 km, On Haritonyevskiy 1,1 km, Yamskoy yard 1,2 km, Nikoloyamskaya Plaza 1,2 km, Steff 1,2 km, Clean Ponds 1,2 km, Yusupov Dvor 1,2 km, Energy House 1,2 km, Mega-stroycomplex 1,3 km, Tent 1,3 km, Gostiny Dvor 1,3 km, Capital 1,3 km, Business 1,3 km, Central Children's Store at Lubyanka 1,3 km, Art Building 1,3 km, Butcher-The Vanguard 1,3 km, Nautilus 1,4 km, Nikol'skaya Plaza 1,4 km, Children's GUM 1,4 km, Myasnitskaya Plaza 1,4 km, Comfort 1,4 km, ATNK invest 1,4 km, Slavic 1,4 km, Passage Kuznetsk Bridge 1,4 km, Armagh 1,5 km, Pullman 1,5 km, Crystal Plaza 1,5 km, Nikolskiy Passazh 1,5 km, Wedding Town 1,5 km, Central City Tower 1,5 km

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(495) 777-33-55
Smagina Tamara
An expert in the field of real estate, head of production.
Extension no 103
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Company benefits
Real estate investments
When buying an investment apartment, the main criterion is its liquidity. The apartment should be in an ideal location, in a brick or monolithic house with quality repair, then sell her guaranteed
Assistance in obtaining a mortgage
Customers Avangard77 have preferences in partner banks in the form of lower rates on loans, longer maturity and short time of loan application
The quality of the repair
the proposal Avangard77 is unique in today's real estate market, because we GUARANTEE the quality of our repairs for 1 year
Registration for 3 days
Such a short term of paperwork related to the fact that all the apartments belong to a legal entity. In these apartments no one lives, they are totally free
Transactions for cash and cashless payments
Clearing relieves the customers from possible risks associated with the storage, conversion and transportation funds. This is especially useful for buyers from distant cities
Architectural design
Each repair is performed on a unique design project performed under the supervision of a professional designer with specialized education
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tel.: +7 (495) 777-33-55
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