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Selling with the repair of apartments in Moscow. "Avangard77"

+7 (495) 777-33-55


If you are thinking about your job search, we recommend you to pay attention to a unique offer from the company Avangard77

the Company MIEL doesn't need references. She is among the three leaders of the Russian real estate agencies by turnover, number of employees and quality of service. Detailed information about the company can be obtained here

What is the Office of "University"?

  • Office "University" is only one of a hundred offices operating under the brand "MIEL", specialized in sale of apartments business class is finished "by key". This direction of the secondary market "MIEL" appeared only in 2006. And is still unique for the Moscow real estate market.
  • Office "the University" is not engaged in brokering activities, as most real estate companies, and is not a Builder or investor new home. The unique business model of the company is that Avangard77 acquires ownership of a legal entity perspective apartment in prestigious locations, and completely transforms them, turning from standard housing in individual apartment with design repair, kitchen, equipped with toilet and bath. The task of a specialist company, T. O. is reduced to
    • to Find prospective options investment
    • Support of all complex of works on redemption, designing, repair, sale and after-sales support for acquired housing
  • Office "University" is a small but close-knit and professional team of associates: the real estate market experts, designers, architects. Work in the company, it is extremely comfortable and contains a large creative element, is significantly different from that of a conventional real estate agents. No coincidence that the average length of service of employees in the company Avangard77 is 6.7 years. An incredible number of estate agencies.

get our employees?

  • Work under the brand MIEL – leader and standard setter in the real estate market
  • Modern, elegant, comfortable, ergonomically organized office
  • Fully equipped individual working place
  • Select a range apartments turnkey in prestigious areas of Moscow
  • All apartments are owned by the Company
  • Most modern tools of marketing and advertising promotion of real estate on the Internet, including on the basis of technology panoramic photos and tours
  • Ability to take good start in the development of the profession of realtor
  • Professional training and coaching for beginners or the refresher classes for experts
  • a System of incentives and limitless opportunities for professional, career and personal growth
  • Aesthetic pleasure and a sense of pride for the proposed product

What do we appreciate?

  • Quick mind, so we often need to pass through a lot of information and events to make informed and effective decisions
  • interpersonal Skills and emotional involvement in a work process
  • Active life position, focus on results
  • Punctuality, openness, kindness

the success of the business depends, including, from the professional and personal qualities of each employee.


the Expert (the agent) for urban property:



  • Experience - to be discussed
  • proficiency in PC – advanced user



  • provision of Comprehensive services in real estate
  • Organization of and participation in negotiations with clients
  • Conclusion of contracts with customers
  • Consultation and engagement with clients at all stages of the transaction
  • Preparing and conducting transactions with the finished apartments of Moscow.


  • Gains the results of the accomplished transaction ( %)
  • Schedule – irregular.
  • Office next to the metro station "University"


tel.: +7 (495) 777 3355

Address: Moscow, street of Builders, d. 3

tel.: +7 (495) 777-33-55
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