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2010 – the best over the last four years

According to analysts of the company of"MIEL-Brokerage" the year can definitely be called positive from the point of view of transactions – this is the best year in the last four. The market picked up, the supply is growing and prices are rising very moderately.

 "High buying activity that we have seen over the years suggests that consumers have an interest in the real estate market, you have the desire and capability  to improve their living conditions – said Alexey shlenov, the General Director of company "MIEL-Brokerage". – Besides, the year 2010 in the secondary market was characterized by several significant trends".

1. Growth in the volume of transactions. Number of deals over the last few months of 2010, according to Registration chamber, has exceeded 80 thousand, while, during the same period even the most active of 2007, there were less than 78 thousand transactions in 2008 and 2009 there were even less.

2. to Increase the bid. on the market Today there are a huge number of proposals, which has already exceeded retaliation in 54 thousand apartments. This amount of proposed housing fully ensures the balance of supply and demand, and compensates for the shortage of primary objects in Moscow.
Because the volume of supply has increased steadily in the last pre-Christmas months increased period of exposure of apartments, an average of 15%.

3. Moderate cost per square meter. In the secondary market of the capital region greatly increase in pricing in 2010 was noted. The price growth for 2010 did not exceed 9%.
"Thus, today on the regular market, there is a fairly stable situation, favorable for the buyer, who has a wide range of offers, allowing you to select the best meet his requirements and option, and the seller, which can accurately determine the cost of an apartment in implementation" –said Alexei shlenov.

4. Large amount of alternative transactions. Traditional for the Russian market of alternative real estate deals are still in demand.

5. mortgage Revival. the year 2010 was characterized by a rapid revival of the mortgage market. Today the share of mortgage transactions  on the secondary housing market, carried out in the company "MIEL-Brokerage" is about 30%.
Since the beginning of year banks actively developed new programs, reduced interest rates, offering borrowers more favorable conditions. Almost fully recovered the volume of mortgage transactions. Mortgage development, also contributed to the action of the savings Bank of the Russian Federation on the abolition of the fee for the issuance of credits, which raised the market and attracted the attention of many potential borrowers. Today some banks, as initial payment by the special partner, offer 10-15% of the value of the collateral.
Despite the fact that the range of programmes is wide enough, the borrowers interested in rouble denominated loans with a fixed rate. Foreign currency loans issued to date not more than 10% of the total. This suggests that borrowers have become more attentive to financial instruments, documents, and processes to assess,  what risks are acceptable to them and which are not, and seeks to minimize them.
We should also note the liberalization of the banking requirements of its customers and the willingness of many banks to more private  approach in addressing potential borrowers.

6. with In 2010, the value of the objects in the middle belt of Moscow region was fully comparable with the prices for apartments in Moscow on the outskirts of the city. While Moscow objects to fall far short of its consumer characteristics. Today in the suburban real estate market offer has crossed the mark of 50 thousand objects, and customers a really wide range – the cheapest price of Moscow housing they can purchase a spacious and comfortable apartment in the middle zone of Moscow region. However, clearly showed a reverse trend – the residents of the nearest suburbs were selling their homes at an apartment within the ring road.
Great choice of accommodation offers allowed consumers to solve their housing issues, choosing apartments in the capital or the larger accommodations in the area.

7. to Increase in the number of transactions on the Moscow-St. Petersburg.  In comparison with 2009 the volume of transactions Moscow – St. Petersburg has increased by a third. This increased not only the number of purchases of apartments in Moscow, the St. Petersburg residents, but also the number of reverse transactions. Such long-distance transaction were either alternative (about 60%  on them), or investment nature. In 2010 in Moscow from the Northern capital, as a rule, came young professionals trying most fully realized in his career, invited to work in large companies, professionals,  and the people deciding by moving their family business: for example spouses, one of whom until recently lived in St. Petersburg. As for return transactions, as a rule, apartments in the Northern capital buy former residents of St. Petersburg, who moved to Moscow, but decided to return.

8. increasing the number of transactions on the exchange urban housing to suburban. According to the company "MIEL-Brokerage", the ratio of transactions on the exchange, suburban housing to urban and Vice versa has reached crisis proportions. If during the crisis, many customers who ordered on the purchase of urban real estate,  had planned to do, due to certain living conditions, through the sale of a country house, now the situation has changed. Today, the exchanges of suburban housing in the city take place not out of necessity, as it was in the crisis, but the conscious desire of the customers. The number of clients that sell rustic home to buy urban property equal to the number of customers making return transactions.

 "In General, summing up the year in the secondary market, it can be stated that there was a slight increase in the average cost per square meter, the market has activated and recovered in their turnover and volumes" - said Alexey shlenov.

Holding "MIEL" has conducted a transaction with a third of a million apartments
Nov 24, 2010
Not one apartment in the center of Moscow was sold "MIEL". The total area of housing sold by the holding during the last 5 years in the primary market of Moscow region – more than half a million square meters. Not given the amount of franchised offices, to our total market scope – more than three million square meters.
Buyers of residential real estate want all-inclusive
Dec 24, 2010
According to 2006 statistics, only 10% of buyers have stated about the desire of having a dishwasher in the apartment they purchased, and already in 2010, such conditions became mandatory. Two years ago buyers business class was interested in the apartment in the center of Moscow with the repair and all necessary appliances.
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