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"A gold mine" near: bought, repaired, sold

In a survey of different real estate organizations revealed that even in conditions of complete stagnation of the market demand for secondary apartments with full repairs without drops. This finish in the near future, may be ordinary and for ordinary apartments. In that case, if the period of low activity on the market will last at least a year, this situation can become quite real. The paradox is that the proposed repair of apartments failed to revive sales.

a Risky proposition
Are not new to the capital offers apartments with quality renovation and complete or partial furnishing. For example, GC "MIAN" for several years sells apartments in new buildings along the street pyreva, in a modern and prestigious residential complex "the Director", and also on Yakimanka street in a posh residential complex "Copernicus". The company "Mirax design" carried out design projects on furnish of apartments in various buildings MIRAX GROUP for the purpose of offering housing that is fully ready for living. However, in the secondary market of apartments, such schemes can be quite risky. No matter what, organization is "Avangard77", which is part of the group of companies "MIEL", at the end of last year has acted with such offer.

If the company is engaged in the sale of refurbished apartments, she spends advance checks and buys only those apartments, which from the point of view of jurisprudence are completely "clean", legitimate and are located in the most prestigious districts of Moscow – South-West, CJSC, CAO. The risk of such an idea lies in the fact that there is a possibility of underestimation of the objects, and customers will not perceive adequately such an innovation in the real estate market. According to the Director of the company "Avangard77" Alla Vishnevskaya

in spite of that, such projects are quite popular today. This is because to settle in a newly renovated apartment for only three days. The presence of the secondary status of the apartment allowed the client to obtain a mortgage Bank loan in the crisis period, whereas transactions with a mortgage on the primary real estate market had completely collapsed.

Sales for those who value their time
Any realtor knows that wealthy clients always appreciate the time and constantly feel the lack of it. While you can never rely on the fact that rich buyers reside only in the capital or frequently pay visits and they always have the opportunity to personally evaluate their future housing. That is why almost the main task for those who want to sell a apartment with quality finishes, is having the opportunity to present your goods in the best possible way, i.e. to provide all the information on the purchase of apartments, houses and their surroundings in the form of photographs and images.

Created specialized websites for similar offers, with many handy features. Here you can find and widescreen images, multimedia and three-dimensional tours through the apartment, and additional information about the environment at home that allows the buyer to feel like the inside of an object, to study the layout and features of future housing. Additionally, everyone with just one click can create and save to PC electronic catalog interesting object in the file with the extension PDF, which will present detailed descriptions and photos.

Internet consultant, group of companies "MIEL" Victor Ablezova it was also noted that any description would be incomplete if not accompanied by a layout of the housing before and after repair, as well as high-quality photos made of the finishing of the object. Such portfolio help customers to provide an objective judgment about the quality and condition of the proposed apartment at the moment.

Customers vote with their purses
According to representatives of the company "Avangard77", for the period beginning December 2008 and ending in January 2009, was successfully held sixteen deals with similar renovated apartments, with an average cost of about $ 15 million. Spending minimum funds on promotion, they managed to get that traffic to web pages is through the roof.

The buyers were mostly people aged 30 to 50, have their business in other cities. Equally interesting is the fact that according to the survey the majority of site visitors were women. This testified to the fact that they gave the initiative to buy one or another type of housing. Thus, the company has found its "gold mine" in the sale of apartments is renovated, which allowed it to achieve high yield even in times of crisis. However, this concept of "bought, repaired, showed and sold" encompasses a number of nuances, to catch which is sometimes very difficult. It is very important to keep all the details of the second stage, in particular repair work.

don't miscalculate the design
Almost the most important problem in the implementation of secondary apartments with completed finishing works is "guessing" the taste of potential buyers. For the proposal seemed favorable for many customers, decorators have in their Arsenal a set of stamps and experience – avoiding extremes and striking contrasts, muted tones. Thus any client should feel warmth and comfort in the future of housing, he should have a desire to go and to stay here.

The majority of people have no desire to have an apartment that resembles like a twin brother to another. Thus, designers need within just 3-4 months, prior to the repair of the apartment and approval of all documentation to find a unique solution, avoiding the sharply-specific variants. Qualitatively carry out the repair in such a short time is only possible if clearly observed ednovremenno several stages. While the designer shapes the redevelopment, which resulted from a Studio apartment can turn out fashionable Studio, three – family apartments, and all documentation is at its preliminary stage of a negotiation can be started repair work. All purchases are made by the time the project is completed. In these apartments the savings on plumbing and building materials is simply unacceptable, this will depend on the class of the apartment. During the experiment of apartments stalinki were given ergonomics, without which they could not apply even to business class, not to mention the class "business +". Were also used popular today, LED lighting fixtures, appear to be cost-effective super-bright LEDs.

According to project participants, the designers in the first apartments tried to keep the principle of "Golden mean", which was implemented in the classics, and in the moderate avant-garde. In the future, the designers were given great freedom in the selection of more daring choices. It was found that such solutions have been quite popular and in demand from customers.

For example, in the apartment located down the street Radyshevsky Top, was created by the interior in the spirit of the Taganka theater. The apartment on the street Builders designers recreated the style of Provence, as the environment of the house was inspired by French motives.

This approach has been beneficial to all. Designers were not limited to specific limits, the company may sell entire masterpieces that was created based on the standard of the apartments, the buyer gets the full compliance of the preliminary draft with the actual repair. To choose and make the final decision much easier, seeing the apartment in person.

According to the designer-decorator Konstantin Samrina, work without the client much easier, given complete freedom of action, do not appear in the repair process further adjustments. In this case the purchaser shall have the finished interior, which he evaluates and decides for himself whether he needs such an accommodation.

That this model meets all the demands of the most demanding customers, demonstrated by the fact that only every tenth customer proposes to make adjustments to the project finishing secondary apartment.

Will this model work in the economy? The experience of foreign companies that sell all apartments with finishing, most likely, Yes. On the Russian market appeared in this year only more expensive options, but experts suggest that such apartments in the near future will appear and in economy. The latter will be most popular in that case, if the cost of repair will be able to stay on the lowest level. Today when the repair work privately with a view to subsequent sale of the apartment the sellers hardly will manage to recoup at least half of all expenses. And only the repair of apartments, which is put on stream, will provide sufficient price level. Thus, this is useful information for thinking about the revival of the market.

The average cost of repair of 1 square meter of housing in Moscow in October 2009 is 8.5 thousand rubles
Oct 21, 2009
Comprehensive overhaul in Moscow costs on average 8.5 thousand rubles for one square meter of living space. According to the Department for major housing repairs housing capital major repairs undertaken by the city, is the replacement of the communication systems, radiators, Windows, thermal insulation of facades and a number of other works.
Remodeling: the unexpected possibilities, and expected prohibitions
Nov 22, 2009
To break down the old wall, to make new, to extend the corridor through the bathroom and the ventilation duct, connecting the balcony and the living room, simultaneously uniting with her kitchen... In Russia all these ways to improve, and most importantly, to expand housing used very often. The only trouble is that such an initially simple and inexpensive ways to get the coveted square meters can result in spending on the restoration plan in accordance with a floor plan of the house. And can result in the truest sense of the word – on the heads of the peacefully sleeping neighbors bottom of bathtub leaked, migrated exactly at the place where the project is located bedroom.
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