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A time of change

Despite the presence of the permanent crisis in our country, the real estate market constantly there are new projects of apartment houses, however, even among such a solid and respectable residential segment as "Premium" and "Deluxe". However, individual projects of a new type of bit had to change his concept.

New real estate projects
As you know, the crisis in our country is protracted. At the very beginning of the creation of new projects was really suspended, and are willing to buy luxury housing in the new building were actively offered to existing finished projects. Buy an apartment in Moscow at the time it was problematic.

So, the main management one of the most famous in Moscow agencies luxury real estate called "the Manor" Natalia Katz noted that a house located in a side street called pomegranate, embody and fully comply with the concept of luxury apartments, but the apartment complexes that are conveniently located on Znamenka, not only fit harmoniously into the nature of the surroundings, but built in the style of mansions of the 19th century, equipped with comfortable large Parking lot, as well as reliable protection.

Another important building is considered an elite luxury building, which includes a variety of respectable offices of different companies, which can be attributed to commercial property type.

I would like to mention also plan to develop brand-new 5 - 7 projects luxury housing from the world famous company "penny lane realty". According to the Director of the Department of the firm engaged in the sale of luxury homes, the above projects will be to wear the so-called "closed" character, and the apartment will be sold exclusively for 'friends' - without much advertising and fanfare. The client base will be chosen as a solid, the cost of apartments is quite high, so excessive advertising is only going to hurt.

It's also important to note that without a loss at such a difficult time of crisis too, was not. Here is the view of the fact that many of the projects of construction of luxury housing have been suspended or simply "frozen". These include the project "Golden island" and "Five capitals", which essentially was a very interesting idea leading architects and must include the original layout and design. To buy an apartment in these buildings is almost impossible today.

To date, after a certain period of time many projects have been revised and the office has turned into residential. This point is also related to the fact that today overpay for a property, even luxury, in residential areas and remote from the town places no one wants. The modern customer prefers to buy an apartment of the same area in a brick house in the center of the city than on its outskirts.

There are also reverse tendencies and character. Thus, the set of objects of residential property has been converted into commercial. In this case, lowering the quality and exclusivity of the buildings could not be avoided, which significantly affected their value in the process of implementation. On the other hand, the demand for commercial real estate in our country is quite high and often exceeds the demand for residential, so it is much easier to implement. Sale of apartments of this plan is therefore very favorable.

Particularly important and interesting is the question of price categories for luxury housing, which is also subject to revision. So, now the requirements that are put forward to the developers relate to the optimum quality of the apartments, their location, as well as excellent characteristics of the specific plan, a limited number of neighbors, etc.

The Russians trust the Russian ruble and the housing
Jun 29, 2010
According to the data obtained in the survey of ROMIR, less than half of Russian citizens make financial savings. Moreover, in comparison with the data obtained in the past year, today is 6% less Russians make savings. Banks trust their deposits to less than half of those who make them – just 45% of people.
Tradition capital real estate
Jul 13, 2010
The company "MIEL-Brokerage" conducted a study, which were obtained very interesting data. It turns out that more than 30% of buyers of apartments in Moscow are not Muscovites. Moreover, such a trend was observed not only in this year, but earlier. Sale of apartments in the fall of 2008 almost in every third case was not the Muscovite and the inhabitant of the region. Due to the high cost of housing, especially apartments in the center of Moscow, during the crisis the percentage of regional buyers has fallen sharply, and to the original indicators which were observed before the crisis, was able to return only in the summer of 2010.
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