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Selling with the repair of apartments in Moscow. "Avangard77"

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An agreement on cooperation with Joint-stock Commercial Bank "FORA-BANK"

Urgent credit diagnosis
The company "MIEL-Brokerage" shaped for their clients instant service to determine the creditworthiness. Thanks to a new program exactly after 3 hours of abstract thought of credit turn into real plans.

This is made possible through the combined efforts of the company with CJSC JSCB "FORA-BANK" - an experienced professional mortgage lending of citizens to buy apartments. The partners concluded an agreement on joint program to provide mortgage ready of apartments under the key. In this programme, every Russian can for three hours to accurately determine your creditworthiness.

Among the objectives of the programme:
- increase the possibility of purchase of apartments for each fellow
- to expand knowledge of the Russians about modern mortgage programs
- to familiarize with the market quality housing
to decrease the risks of buyers of apartments renovated by competent preliminary consultations

Best partner in this business than "FORA-BANK", to find it would be impossible. Behind these serious professionals of many years experience in providing mortgages for ready apartment. Forces CJSC JSCB "FORA-BANK" new comfortable housing were able to purchase hundreds of Russian families. The Bank specializes in so-called "apartments under the key" - ready housing, where you will find everything for a comfortable life where you can move immediately after the purchase flats. Amongst an impressive range of flexible mortgage programs helps the client to make the purchase of an apartment or house with land in the primary and secondary market.

According to the contract partners, service diagnosis instant credit available to customers "MIEL-Brokerage", seeking, selling or exchanging apartments with repair and without the capital and region of Moscow real estate market. According to CEO Alexei Shlenova, the key point of the program was its efficiency - three-hour Express credit approval, after which the expert of the real estate market picks up for a client free apartment exactly means.

To "diagnose" yourself as a borrower, it is sufficient to provide the Bank with a basic set of documents: a copy of employment record, proof of recent income and completed application form. As the Head of Department of mortgage lending of AKB "FORA-BANK" Olga Agnes, the service is actually unique. It allows not only to few hours to know for yourself the possible amount of loan, but also immediately to consider the actual options of available apartments turnkey, that is, the dwelling located in the area of real availability today. Buying an apartment has never been this easy and hassle-free. Thanks to the agreement of the two parties, each of which – is an expert, taking out a loan from a distant dream becomes tangible and easy action.

Popular atypical apartment layouts
Jan 28, 2011
Individuality, as is known, requires a different approach to redevelopment, by the way, even a tiny increase of the doorway, ten inches is such. However, non-standard solutions, as strange as it may sound, has its standards.
The secondary housing market of Moscow and Moscow region: proposals are getting smaller!
Jun 15, 2011
Most experts secondary housing market of Moscow and adjacent territories at the time agreed that the development of this industry in the post-crisis period has changed considerably. One of the reasons is the lack of sufficient supply in the primary market.
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