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Apartment business class is a reliable way to preserve the finances in time of crisis

Talk about a new wave of economic crisis do not cease, so it's expected people's desire to protect available funds by selecting the most reliable and liquid source of savings. Despite the availability of alternatives in the form of, for example, securities or precious metals, real estate continues to maintain a leading position in the list of ways to save finances. However, potential owners are not ready headlong to buy everything. This is evidenced by surveys conducted by specialized company "Avangard77" (group of companies "MIEL"). They also demonstrate that some species have a special real estate value.

To buy property was profitable at all times. This is very important at the present stage. There are a number of benefits that make the purchase of real estate are reliable and cost-effective investment.

  • to purchase a property, you need no special skills, awareness of the vicissitudes of investment or financial market – it is available to everyone.
  • Even in the most difficult and economically unstable period, the estate – an asset that has value.
  • the real estate Market (at least the capital) shows in the past six months stability, absence of sharp UPS and downs that can not give confidence to buyers.

After reviewing the statistical data and results of survey analysts were able to deduce a certain regularity: those buyers who tend to invest in objects of the real estate market, ready to do it provided that their possible losses from the initial cost will not be more than 10 % even under the most adverse circumstances. In other words, those segments of the market that even with disappointing financial forecasts and the impact of negative external economic factors remain constant. These include:

  • economy-class Flats, small in square footage, which never cease to be in demand, and the demand for them only increases over the years.
  • Apartment complexes premium, exclusive projects ("Steward" or "Manor Trubetskoys"), the appearance of which on the market – a rarity.
  • Secondary apartments of business class – also very few, thus, according to the company "Avangard77", their price is increasing. Statistics show that in 2011 the apartment is left in an average 19 613 000 roubles, in 2012 this figure rose to 20 296 000 rbl., and by the middle of 2013, the index reached 23 486 000 rubles.

General Director of "Avangard77" Alla Vishnevskaya commented on the situation as follows. In her opinion, inflation and some exchange rate fluctuation will definitely affect the constant growth of prices for apartments of a business class, but it is not the dominant factor. There's a constant demand for apartments of this level encourages sellers to increase the selling price. No mass sentences - no outflow of potential customers and significant price declines.


Requirements for housing business class in the secondary market
Jul 19, 2013
Today's real estate market has become increasingly popular in the segment of secondary apartments of business class. It is a relatively new but rapidly attracts the attention of customers, as qualitatively different from what they now propose a new construction. In addition, apartment business-class aftermarket looks much better than conventional housing, even if it is cheaper. Buyers who prefer this type of real estate, bringing to him a number of special requirements.
Apartment with two bedrooms is irrelevant?
Aug 07, 2013
Experts of the company "Avangard77" found that the number of prisoners in 2012, transactions for the purchase of one-bedroom apartments was 23.5%. At the same time significantly increased the demand for apartments with three bedrooms: the number of transactions on acquisition of such housing in 2012 was 23.5%.
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