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"Apartment" - their features and popularity

Today, have become increasingly popular apartment offered not only on primary but also on secondary housing market. Carefully designed standard solutions of completely satisfied buyers, even in spite of its relatively high cost. However, over the past five years, there is debate between opponents and supporters of the sale of apartments with finishing. Critics of this approach cite two major arguments:

  • lack of opportunities for customers to create the necessary design of the apartment and its layout;
  • bias towards a standard finish, which is not traditionally differed high quality.

The first apartments finished in new houses belonged to the segment of economy class. Most of these apartments are offered to customers who previously lived in old and dilapidated houses. Commercial apartments are offered without finishing: the conventional wisdom was that every buyer will want to independently decorate an apartment on the basis of personal preference. However, it is the need to finish, requiring additional time and financial costs were the main reason why buyers from purchasing such apartments. After some time, customers have become offered less expensive apartments with decoration "turnkey". Today this practice is widely prevalent in the case of apartments in various price categories, whether it is economy class or luxury housing.


In the case of secondary market the situation is quite the opposite – here apartment always offered in a higher price range. If the owners of apartments in the model homes prefer not to waste time and money on repairs and finishing before sale, in the case of the premises of the business-class apartments are not only finished, but also with the installed equipment and furniture.

If at first there were fears on account of the depreciation of the flats due to the standard finish, but today they are completely absent. A vivid example is the practice of "Avangard77" (GC "MIEL"), which operates mostly in the secondary apartments of business class – experience in this segment suggests that in most cases, today's customers completely satisfied single and already developed solutions in the decoration of the apartment. Alla Vishnevskaya – CEO "Avangard77" noted that among a wide circle of customers of the company common units, preferring to buy flats at the early stage of repair. In addition, supporters of this approach are mainly those who have all the necessary connections, allows you to purchase the best quality materials and fully control the creation process of finishing flat. According to statistics, the number of such buyers is not more than 5%.

The majority of buyers prefer to trust professional designers with extensive experience in this area. In turn, employees "Avangard77" provide a complete detachment of buyers from repair, pereplanirovochnye and finishing work, thus buyers get a ready and high quality finished apartment.

Modern consumer is placing ever greater demands to quality of repair of an apartment and its finishes. Flats relating to the secondary market and designed for the business class, today, undergoing complete redevelopment. In this case the possible design a complete remodeling, the replacement of old plumbing to the new, creating new finishes, and installation of household appliances and a fitted kitchen. In this case, the buyer receives is already fully finished and ready apartment. This approach is by far the most popular among the many buyers of apartments in this segment.

Why business prefers apartments with two bedrooms?
Sep 17, 2013
If we estimate the number of transactions in the housing market in recent years, it can be assumed that the demand for one-bedroom apartments and Studio apartments has increased markedly. Simultaneously, decreased the number of transactions on acquisition of two-, three-, four-room apartments. Experts of the company "Avangard77" interested in this trend and decided to hold in this area a detailed study. The result was obtained that showed the unevenness of the predominance of "odnushek" on multi-room apartments in various segments of the Metropolitan areas real estate.
Buy apartments in business class on the secondary market: it is time to change tactics
Oct 18, 2013
The post-crisis period on the capital's real estate market was the time of the "dictatorship of the buyer". The trends have changed, the market has stabilized and customers of realtors it is time to change your tactics when buying a home. Increased demand allowed the sellers to take a stronger position and not to surrender under the pressure of their customers, keeping prices at the same level.
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