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Apartment with finishing work on the expansion of demand

Today in the Moscow region there is a clear trend of selection of apartments with a fine finish. On the basis of the interviews it became clear that 68 percent of potential buyers are guided to housing, where all necessary plumbing, electrical and finishing work, and the consumer only has to arrange the interior according to your taste furniture. Unfortunately, those apartments, which today are sold on the secondary housing market (taking into account the prices in this segment) is not able to meet the needs of customers in a quality finish. It makes developers to enter the new housing with the municipal finish, but with higher average repair and even business level.

According to a study by analytical consulting centre "MIEL", about 12% of potential buyers wish buy apartment renovated "turnkey" for further settlement. In this apartment already has a built-in furniture, appliances, installed air conditioning. Repairs can be made on individual design project. The same number of buyers expects rough finish of the apartments, that have already executed plumbing, and wiring made of electrocommunications, well aligned walls and floor. About 6 percent of the respondents indicated their desire to buy an apartment without finishing. This category of potential buyers prefers all further repair and finishing works to carry out on their own based on the available funds. The same share of home buyers with different degree of original finish 48% of the respondents prefer not to pay construction companies for the further repair of the apartment.

If we analyze the share of people still willing to pay extra for the finish, there is a curious feature. 14% willing to pay only up to 3000 rubles per square meter, 17% of respondents are willing to spend from 3000 to 3700 thousand rubles per square meter, and only 10% of respondents can afford to pay from 3700 to 4000 rubles.

Despite the existing demand at the present time, among rental housing in the Moscow region is still dominated by apartments without finishing, which is about 57% of the rentable housing, and only 25% are apartments with a rough finish. Regarding the proportion of apartments with a fine finish, then today it is in this segment was only 5%.

This shows, unfortunately, the obvious imbalance of supply and demand in the housing market of Moscow region. This situation by many experts due to the fact that most hold today, housing units were planned for construction in the period of crisis, when purchasing power was significantly reduced, and most buyers were guided in their preferences solely on the price of the object.

For construction companies, however, flat with rough and fine finish are good and help meet growing consumer demand. Attractive the property becomes to the citizens, do not have desire and time to conduct additional repairs and to investors purchasing housing for subsequent lease.

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For sale apartments does not stagnate and the proposed objects and in line with customer requirements, develop a preliminary marketing concept, where demand forecasting and the compilation of a customer profile is an integral part.
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