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Apartment with two bedrooms is irrelevant?

More recently (in 2011) the number of transactions on acquisition of one-bedroom apartments was negligible: only 10% of all purchases carried out on the secondary housing market. Currently the situation has changed.

Experts of the company "Avangard77" found that the number of prisoners in 2012, transactions for the purchase of one-bedroom apartments was 23.5%. At the same time significantly increased the demand for apartments with three bedrooms: the number of transactions on acquisition of such housing in 2012 was 23.5%. Thus, the popularity of one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments were the same, while the demand for property with two bedrooms began to subside, although such apartments still in demand this year. Analysts are very interested in this situation in the real estate market and was able to figure out what is the cause of such changes.

Trends related to the acquisition of large apartments, due primarily to the marital status of buyers. It is clear that the presence of children or planning of their appearance in the future suggests that in the apartment must be at least one extra room. Accordingly, couples are initially focused on large housing, preferably three. Given the fact that in 2012 significantly increased the percentage of family customers (from 67% to 82%), the growth of demand for apartments with three or more rooms becomes easily understandable.

It should also be noted that significantly increased the number of buyers from regions. If two years ago, the number of visitors from other towns and villages was 23%, today this figure reaches 29% and continues to grow. To explain the influx of non-resident in the capital it is possible that in times of crisis, many were afraid to radically change your life and complicate it by change of residence. Now, when the crisis has passed, people decide on bold steps and move to the capital in order to improve the quality of life. Naturally, for a comfortable stay, many of them purchase housing. So how come mostly families, often with children, or older people who gave up successful careers in the regions, we preferred to be secondary multi-bedroom business class, mainly two-bedroom.

As for one-bedroom apartments and Studio flats, they are buying mostly singles, often young people who came to the capital from regions to build a career. Ambitious young people are not in a hurry to marry, because my dream is to achieve recognition in the professional sphere, and therefore get a small apartment or Studio apartment.

Alla Vishnevskaya believes that the demand for secondary two-bedroom apartment business class will increase. It is possible that a percentage of their sales in 2013 will amount to one third of the total number of transactions. But the popularity of the two bedroom apartments have gradually subsided. This can be explained by the fact that if single people and young people it is quite enough one-bedroom housing, people, family and wealthy it makes no sense to purchase a two bedroom apartment when they can afford a property with three rooms. The price difference is small, and the quality of living is noticeably higher.

Apartment business class is a reliable way to preserve the finances in time of crisis
Aug 05, 2013
Talk about a new wave of economic crisis do not cease, so it's expected people's desire to protect available funds by selecting the most reliable and liquid source of savings. Despite the availability of alternatives in the form of, for example, securities or precious metals, real estate continues to maintain a leading position in the list of ways to save finances. However, potential owners are not ready headlong to buy everything.
Secondary market apartments business class
Sep 17, 2013
The past 2012 was a turning point for most players of the secondary market of real estate. This is especially true of housing business class. The specialists of "Avangard77" - one of the major players in the field of real estate - note that one of the most important results of last year became active transition secondary housing business class in a separate segment of the Moscow market, where "work" the rules of the game and has formed its own audience of consumers.
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