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Convenient and profitable

Buying expensive apartments in elite new buildings and residential areas of the budget, Muscovites and residents of other regions coming to Moscow, don't want to pay extra for the finish, laying the floor, installing electrical outlets, sanitary ware and other "little things" that leads to quite a significant amount not covered by the family budget. Often a choice is made in favor of a fully finished apartment "turnkey", i.e. does not require additional finishing works. Along with this, great popularity began to use the apartment with installed or built-in furniture, at least in the kitchen, the loggia or in the hallway. Usually, these apartments already have ready-to-use toilets, air conditioners, heating equipment and involve only the placement of furniture in living rooms. Like the option of choosing 15% more buyers than in 2011.

Analysis of changes in demand

The shift in demand towards apartment felt not only in the segment of housing of a premium class, but also in the segment of apartments in the lower price categories, as well as, with relatively small areas. On the resulting changes in the structure of consumer demand have already begun to actively respond developers and real estate agencies for the sale of real estate using the option "turn key" as an effective marketing tool. Moscow developers today are at the stage of reorientation and increasing the percentage of finished housing. This occurs both in the segment of housing of middle and business class, and in the category of budget apartments waiting list, which provides "municipal" finish.

The motivation of the buyers of apartments with finishing. Most wealthy clients don't want to buy housing on the secondary market, but do not want to spend time and money on repairs. Buyers of housing of economy class just don't have the financial ability to pay extra for the finish. There is a significant category of people who sell their old housing to improve housing conditions and I want to get the apartment ready for residents to move. An important part of the buyers apartments turnkey are those who acquire real estate loan or mortgage for which to find quite a large sum for repairs, along with interest payments, is absolutely unreal.

Many wanting to buy a ready to move apartment on the secondary market does not satisfy the ratio of price and quality and unsuitable housing format, so they are forced to enter the primary market and seek apartments. Along with subjective reasons, there are objective circumstances that stimulates people to purchase the apartments under the key. This is due to the memory of those times, when there was a variety of building materials, and builders were unable to offer such finishing of the apartment, which would suit most newcomers. Today, especially in the construction of expensive housing, decorations are made of high quality material and individually designed.


Based on the foregoing, it is not excluded that the new trend away from the purchase of housing without decoration, and in the early stages of construction, can be extended to the entire real estate market in General. As confirmation of the above, it is possible to cite as an example the situation on housing markets in the leading countries of Europe, Canada and America. There the sale of apartments has already become standard practice. Moreover, in some States there is an official ban on the sale of housing without finishing in buildings of high altitude, the purpose of which is to prevent breaches of security in the repair. Currently in the real estate market is missing the atmosphere that was characteristic for pre-crisis period. At that time, there has been a boom in the housing market. Those who had money put them in a property that, as you know, is the best object for investments. However, almost anyone who has had a stable income, could afford to take a loan and buy an apartment. The rapid demand for apartments "forgave" a lot of developers in the construction cost and error in marketing. Housing without decoration was very popular because the prices were much cheaper, and further renovation of his new home was not so ruinous for the buyer.


Today in tougher market conditions, buyers have become much more demanding. We have to say that the developers themselves will long remember the period late 2008-early 2009, when demand "collapsed" like an avalanche, and the developer was not willing to adjust with the market preferences of the buyer. That's why now developers are beginning to work more closely on consumer appeal properties. In response to the resulting demand for apartments for sale, some developers try to attract customers by offering customers accommodations in accordance with their perceptions of comfort. Despite the fact that the new trend is making its first steps, the apartment already make up almost 15% of all Moscow market of new buildings. "Leaked" it on the secondary real estate market. According to experts, the number of offers of "old" apartments with new high-quality repairs has increased by approximately 40%. Along with this, there is the fact that the demand for finished apartments is growing faster than the supply. Developers still fear that design improvements maybe not everyone is like that although that has complied with all quality standards. And yet, apartment, business class and economy class, most likely, will increase its "representation" in the market. Indeed, in this case buy a good repair that you can touch, but paying for an apartment in the primary stages of construction, the buyer about its quality will be able to learn, only having driven in it.

Buyers of luxury properties are showing a growing demand for apartment
Jun 13, 2012
Experts of real estate Agency Penny Lane Realty has conducted a study that revealed an interesting picture: the buyers pertaining to business-class and elite apartments are increasingly showing interest in real estate with the finish. Moreover, investors are willing to buy housing on the primary market fully furnished. The validity of these findings decided to see the experts information portal RealEstate.Ru.
To break and build
Jun 20, 2012
In that case, if the apartment was "reformatted" in strict accordance with the necessary legal requirements and if you have received all the necessary documents, the redevelopment can become a profitable investment, and a costly whim.
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