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"Business class" is increasingly interested in Studio apartments

In two and a half fold increase in the percentage of one-bedroom apartments in the total number of home sales of business class last year (we are talking about the secondary market). These data were presented by the company "Avangard77", which is included in the group of companies "MIEL" and specializes in working in this market segment.

Studio apartment always particularly appreciated among real estate economy. The traditional reason for this popularity lies on the surface – low price of one-bedroom dwellings compared to multi-room. Expensive one-bedroom apartments in a solid buyers, of course, prefer more spacious accommodations. The main arguments were the prospect of increasing the quantity of the family and the prestige of a Studio apartment for respectable client.

But the trend changed dramatically at the end of last year, as evidenced by sales statistics. The company "Avangard77" conducted an analysis of all transactions concluded in respect of second homes in 2011 and 2012. In confirmation of the above specialists will lead the sales statistics. In 2011, transactions with one-bedroom housing accounted for one tenth of the total number, in 2012 – nearly a quarter (23.5%).

The reason for the increased interest in one-bedroom apartments experts believe a change in the mentality of buyers. First, they become what is called more to live for today. If previously these people wanted to calculate market trends in real estate beforehand, but now they prefer the Western approach, where expansion of the living space as needed.

Secondly, in recent years more and more clearly the trend is towards a rational approach in the choice of housing. From this point of view, the acquisition of the excess area is treated as waste.

Experts also note the formation of the buyers a specific set of requirements for real estate, the acquisition of which they are willing to spend. Moreover, these requirements are becoming more stringent. The buyer today is much more minutely relates to how efficiently it was achieved to build, repair and finish, what materials were used. This is also observed features of a rational approach.

Several years ago a similar rise in the demand for 1-bedroom apartments could be caused by purely economic reasons, as noted by CEO "Avangard77" Alla Vishnevskaya.

"But in this case the comparison of the post-crisis 2011 and 2012, which means the weakening of the influence of economic motives, - commented the expert. - Of course, choosing a one-bedroom apartment (this apartment with a bedroom and a large kitchen, as a rule, rescheduled from traditional two bedroom apartments area of 40-70 m2), customers care about the financial component. Nevertheless, these sales figures would have been impossible without the compliance of such apartments ideas modern shoppers about the convenience and coziness. After all, our customers come explore the apartment and personally make sure: where exactly they will relax or dine, where to play or do homework with their children. In short, the buyers as this space will be arranged their life. Of course, such an approach to apartments, the number of "squares" is not the main and defining criterion".

The modern consumer is at the forefront puts the functionality of housing, its quality characteristics. It is therefore not surprising that among the market leaders – the company offering the buyer the layout and guidance on functional use of housing. How to organize everything so that each family member was enough living space? How to distribute the living space, to avoid or minimize the classic conflict of generations and interests? For the modern consumer is far more relevant questions than the number of square meters.

In light of the above absolutely logical is the fact that buyers are very reluctant to acquire a property in which made minimal repairs. Such, according to "Avangard77", less than 5%. The current buyer is not tempted by the prospect of intrusion into the process of preparation in order to obtain accommodations, furnished with all the requirements. On the contrary, clients tend to shy away from all the hassle associated with finishing of apartments, registration of necessary documents, clarifying relations with future neighbors.

This position is justified not only by the desire to preserve their own strength and nerves. Most buyers believe that experts will make everything better. Today the comfort, functionality and personality flats – define the criteria for the purchase.

The current priorities of buyers in the category of "parents for children"
Jul 01, 2013
The desire of parents to provide their children with housing today is not uncommon. Moreover, consumers of the category "parents-children" have significant influence on formation of the market of real estate business class. When choosing they were governed by specific criteria, which in recent times has changed dramatically.
Moscow secondary housing market business-class European-stable
Jul 18, 2013
Draw a line under the first quarter of 2013 on the Moscow real estate market. In the analysis of the results was attended by experts of the company "Avangard77" group of companies "MIEL". They emphasized a clear tendency to stability in the segment of the secondary housing business class (as well as in many other segments). The market situation began to stabilize in mid-2012. Today this balance has become particularly sustainable.
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