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Buyers are tired of repairs

homebuyers in the primary market of Moscow is already tired of having to do the repairs and are not prepared, as a few years ago to buy the house, only half finished. Increasingly popular apartment. The company Penny Lane Realty, a study was conducted that showed that buyers who choose real estate business class, prefer apartments with a fine finish. Moreover, today the options are welcome and fully furnished. If you compare the demand for finished apartments with indicators of 2010, to date the number of requests for such objects has increased by 15%.

Best offer? According to the Director of the Department of real estate sales Elite Penny Lane Realty Alexander Miniscule, today, when the structure of demand has changed significantly, that finish is able to become the most effective tool of attracting customers. Alexander Ziminsky also mentions that offers "turnkey" is in demand not only in the segment of luxury housing, but also in business and economy class.

However, in different segments of the motivation of buyers from different. Thus, in the segment of housing economy-class large portion of buyers mortgage, as well as families who have sold their old apartment to improve living conditions. Of course, for this category of buyers is very important that the accommodation was suitable for a comfortable stay. However, in the segment of economy-class level of finishing, unfortunately, often does not meet the requirements of customers, so some customers prefer to carry out repair work yourself.

As for the segment of business class, here buyers are increasingly confident in the quality of finishing works, and as a key factor it makes sense to consider the desire to save money. As the results of the conducted research, the repair of an apartment from the Builder allows you to save about 20%. And if a segment of the economy-housing makes sense to talk about the finish of the model using inexpensive materials, real estate business class implies solution for more demanding, discerning buyers.

According to Alexander Ziminsky, selling expensive luxury apartments - it is standard practice for Canada, Europe, USA for the last time. Moreover, the legislation of some countries forbids sale of objects without finishing in high-rise buildings, as this may provoke violations of safety standards at independent conducting of repairs. Thus, the increase in the share of real estate in the domestic market avoids such problems and, in addition, to save the nerves, money, time buyers.

Alla Vishnevskaya, managing partner, office of "University" is the largest Russian group of companies "MIEL-real Estate" which specialises in the sale of the property with quality finishes in the secondary market in the field of business class, says that demand among buyers of such properties in recent years has increased substantially. According to experts, the demand in the primary market and the secondary in the post-crisis period steadily shifted toward ready to move in property.

The General trend Of expensive luxury housing projects that offer apartments for sale, today very little, but they already have. For example, objects such as "Mirax Park", "Fort Kutuzov", "Kutuzovskaya Riviera", can boast of the apartments on copyright, exclusive design and furnishings, which were selected individually for each apartment, for each room. All interior parts are designed in a single color, creating a harmonious ensemble. As a floor coating apply or impact resistant laminate flooring, original lighting is used.

according to the company "NDV-real Estate" apartments for sale from builders are presented today in 13% of all projects in Moscow, and this despite the fact that the new trend currently in its infancy. Thus, in 7% of project repair is presented as an additional option, available for a fee. In the remaining 6% of the buildings finishing works is included in the total cost of the property.

However, if we consider monolithic house, which are included in the segment of business class, here the amount of apartments is much lower. RSA represented only 9% of projects, while more than half of them finishing work are an additional option.

Olga Novikova, Deputy General Director for investment and strategic development of the company "NDV-real Estate", says about the situation: "the Purchaser at the business class is not interested in rapid entry into the purchased apartment - preferable to have an individual design. That's why about 97% of the projects in the business segment offered finished".

However, in this case, the demand clearly exceeds the supply. According to the head of branch "Tretjakovsky" the companies "Relight-real Estate" Natalia Alikhanov, many property buyers in the business segment today tend to buy a finished apartment, as repairs are troublesome and lengthy undertaking. Also the expert adds that in the segment of elite real estate of such proposals less as the customers ' requests above, unusual design and repairs can not please everyone.

The number of offers of free housing is newly renovated and has increased including on the secondary market. According to Natalia Alikhanova, about 5-10 years ago, such proposals had very little. The volume of such projects has increased in recent years about 40%. As a rule, we offer a renovation in classic style without bright colors, calculated on the total mass of buyers.

In the opinion of Eugene Skomorovskogo, managing Director of "Century 21 West", the quality of repair remains a key factor. The expert says that the main danger when entering into these transactions is the failure by the developer of all required quality standards, and if we're talking about buying real estate in the primary market, all the features and nuances of the buyer will be able to learn only when they receive their housing for which they paid a year ago.

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