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Buyers of luxury properties are showing a growing demand for apartment

Experts of real estate Agency Penny Lane Realty has conducted a study that revealed an interesting picture: the buyers pertaining to business-class and elite apartments are increasingly showing interest in real estate with the finish. Moreover, investors are willing to buy housing on the primary market fully furnished. The validity of these findings decided to see the experts information portal RealEstate.Ru.


the Study in question showed the growing popularity of "ready" apartments on 15% in comparison with 2010. Particular attention is drawn to the fact that this growth is observed not only in the segment of economy class, but also on the market for more expensive housing, because of the desire of investors to save financial and time resources. Developers react to changing consumer demand and undertake the repair work. The experts who conducted the study, believe that many citizens are tired of "play designers", and this explains the increasing frequency of references in a professional company. Not left without attention and financial side of the question: it is stated that the decoration of the apartment by the owner provides approximately a 20% savings. As examples of such housing facilities as "Mirax Park", "Fort Kutuzov", "Kutuzovskaya Riviera". Located in them apartment, which is author style, with installed partitions and individually furnished, very attractive price.


Existing market participants, however, do not confirm the existence of trends, which is highlighted by the authors of the study. Deputy Director for investment and development company "city-XXI century" Dmitry Dementyev claims that confirm the growth of demand for property with a finish that will be sold on the primary market, he can't. According to information provided by the specialist, the requests, indeed, exist – meanwhile, they usually are isolated. Mr. Dementiev sure that the main reference for developers in the absence of legislative requirements to decorating would be a solvent demand of investors. The number of buyers who order the development of individual design-projects of interiors and not in need of typical repair, will always remain large enough, the expert believes. It is emphasized that we are talking about those who buy cheap apartments, and those who invest in luxury real estate. The role played by the fact that the standards of quality expected by consumers, to date, has not yet formed. While the company is in the grip of stereotypes that formed the low quality of so-called "municipal" decorating. In light of the above the most productive path is to develop design solutions that would allow to realize the own ideas on the organization of the living space.

With Dmitry Dementium agree Sergey Migunov, head of the Department of marketing and development of GC "Conti". Consumer demand for luxury housing, which made finishing work, has always existed, says the expert. Characterized by the fact that the finish often becomes a factor that increases the attractiveness of the apartments in the eyes of potential investors. Some volatility in the demand for housing is mentioned, of course, exist, but the assertion that the growth of this demand is associated with one or another macroeconomic parameter is incorrect.

dissenting opinion

His vision of the situation shared Alla Vishnevskaya, who is in the group of companies "MIEL" as managing partner of the office "University". It indicates at least one positive lesson learned by developers of the recent crisis, the company significantly expanded the formats of the proposal. One manifestation of this expansion was the emergence on the market of apartments finished and ready to move. According to several estimates, the share of such apartments in the primary market so far has reached 30%, while the property in question, distributed as follows: 20% is the segment of housing business class, 10% – in the segment of economy class. Experts agree in opinion that in the near future we will see a steady increase in the volume of the corresponding sentences.


"The office "University" Ledger "MIEL" - factors shaping the value of the object
May 24, 2012
Apartment in Moscow, and even more, the apartment is in the center of Moscow is not cheap: Moscow real estate is among the three leaders of the most expensive elite housing in the world. Unlike apartments in Europe, when estimating the cost of apartments in Moscow, the priority factor is the location of the property. Moreover, this priority often goes beyond reason.
Jun 14, 2012
The shift in demand towards apartment felt not only in the segment of housing of a premium class, but also in the segment of apartments in the lower price categories, as well as, with relatively small areas. On the resulting changes in the structure of consumer demand have already begun to actively respond developers and real estate agencies for the sale of real estate using the option "turn key" as an effective marketing tool.
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