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Decorate and shake

residents of the capital are beginning to explore a new direction in business: we are talking about buying an apartment without repair, the repair work and the subsequent sale of the object. The profitability of this business is quite high, but only if you have met all of the subtleties and nuances, which will be discussed in this article.

So, Muscovites today are buying a renovation (it may be flat in the center of Moscow, in residential areas, in new or secondary market), make repairs and sell objects. Earn private investors on completion, the repair, the overall market growth. The yield can exceed 100% for 3.5 years, while the construction of houses and repair of apartments.

The profits can be invested in any other project, however, many continue to invest money in repair of apartments.
However, experts ' opinions about the profitability of this type of business was divided. There are those who argue that to do repair of apartments does not make much sense, as the basic factors of attractiveness of housing in today's market is not a repair, and the area, the infrastructure of the residential complex, cost and so on. In addition, if we are talking about the luxury segment, it is possible to make repairs that would suit the potential buyer, it is very difficult, because usually the repair is done, according to their notions of comfort, his tastes. Today, there are many examples of "designer apartments" sold for months and even years.

Buy and live
In order to determine how beneficial it can be repair in apartments, it is necessary to assess the demand for property repair. According to Alexander Ziminsky, who is also head of real estate Department of the elite class of the company Penny Lane Realty, the demand for apartments with repair is always there. If you buy an apartment today want many offers for sale of such properties on the market, but because almost every new proposal people - businessmen, people who migrate to the capital, which is important to quickly apply for permanent residence.

In addition, many wealthy real estate buyers already had time to try yourself as a designer and realized that the repair takes huge amounts of time, is costly, and to repeat this experience don't want. On the other hand, buy an apartment with quality repairs today not so easy - worthy offerings on the market.

Calculate the profit or loss...
To estimate what profit can be obtained in the repair, each situation must be analyzed separately. In order for the business were profitable, it is necessary initially to calculate how much money you have to invest in repairs. So, if the cost of repairs will be equal to the added value of the property or even exceed this value, the whole idea becomes meaningless.

To economize on the quality of repair should not be, how not to perform the furnishing and trim in a distinctive, individual style. There are many neutral modern styles (e.g., Belgian), which in its appeal are not individual and is likely to appeal to a potential buyer.

One of the main conditions of success is the need to reduce the cost of repairs to a minimum, but not at the expense of quality. Without the right connections and training to make it easy. In today's market there is a huge variety of building and finishing materials, technologies, design tools that learn, compare, choose, buy and so on.

Of course, all this need a good understanding, knowing, what is the cost of repair. Otherwise, without knowing what attracts the ultimate buyer, not being able to keep repair costs to a minimum (for example, getting discounts from suppliers), not having at their disposal a reliable team of builders that clearly fit within the established timelines ensure high quality repair, any project for the repair of the apartment and the subsequent sale may be unprofitable.

Property involving a mortgage loan
Jul 27, 2010
Elite real estate is rather narrow segment on the market today. A truly unique, exclusive objects today. However, this is understandable: the exclusivity is piece goods, and luxury apartments must meet certain requirements, to meet explicit criteria. Always there are buyers willing to pay more for the exclusive. In the crisis years there had been a decline in consumer activity, but this reduction was not so noticeable because of nemassovoy and narrow segment.
Elite districts of Moscow
Sep 24, 2010
The luxury housing market of Moscow in recent years is developing quite actively: increased buying activity, prices on this segment of real estate, however, there is still some lack of output on the primary market of elite real estate.
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