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Did the buyers of real estate after the crisis and how?

Nikita Chulochnikov, head of research Department group of companies "MIEL", organized an online conference on the theme "portrait of a buyer of real estate. Before and after the crisis," which portrayed the issues of what has changed property buyers after the crisis, what they had preferences and what to avoid. Did the demand for real estate, and how? These and many other topical issues were uncovered during this online conference.

Today we can confidently assert that the crisis in the real estate market has lost its force. In December 2009 it was possible to see that there are the first trends out of the crisis, as it was already noted that pent-up demand for the purchase of apartments began to grow.

As a result, the real estate market of the capital see prices growing by about one percent per month from spring 2010, but the apartment is in the centre of Moscow remains a popular acquisition. The price dynamics is not observed, as it remains stable.

It was found that during the crisis the property prices in the capital fell by around 20 per cent, and in the field — 25%. The bear market has passed and the primary real estate market. The activity of developers ' activity is growing, but the recovery period is not over yet, however, at the current state of Affairs very soon this area will gain its former positions.

the Activity of buyers also steadily increasing. To date, the real estate market is in a period of recovery, which can take several years (though the crisis lasted about a year).

All of the above trends were confirmed in a large sociological research of a full cycle, which included the drafting of the instrument and the organization of field work, quantitative and qualitative data, and develop recommendations on the results of sociological research, which conducted the centre "ASC MIEL".

In 2010, the results of sociological research and surveys a large sample of potential home buyers, it was noted that the demand for real estate increases. If during the period before the crisis there was a high proportion of investment in real estate in the Moscow region, today 86% of buyers of housing of economy class and intermediate level acquired the property directly for their own accommodation and for their children. In two percent cases, the property was purchased for parents and other relatives, and only one percent of respondents just invested in residential property. It was seen that acquiring a property for myself I want buy an apartment with repair and preferably in a new building, so as not to waste time and money to the arrangement, and to enter into it and live. As a result of market analysis experts came to the conclusion that especially rapidly bought up the property of economy class apartments or secondary rooms.

The results of the market research also showed that often the decision today to buy an apartment of economy class women take.

Today, in order to correctly build a plan for the construction of future residential buildings, you must have an idea of what a transformation might occur in the future and what apartments will appeal to buyers tomorrow.

Thus, in order for the sale of apartments does not stagnate and the proposed objects and in line with customer requirements, develop a preliminary marketing concept, where demand forecasting and the compilation of a customer profile is an integral part.

Apartment with finishing work on the expansion of demand
Oct 27, 2010
For construction companies, however, flat with rough and fine finish are good and help meet growing consumer demand. Attractive the property becomes to the citizens, do not have desire and time to conduct additional repairs and to investors purchasing housing for subsequent rental.
Holding "MIEL" has conducted a transaction with a third of a million apartments
Nov 24, 2010
Not one apartment in the center of Moscow was sold "MIEL". The total area of housing sold by the holding during the last 5 years in the primary market of Moscow region – more than half a million square meters. Not given the amount of franchised offices, to our total market scope – more than three million square meters.
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