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Elite apartments in Moscow are scarce

According to analysts of company Penny Lane Realty, the demand for luxury real estate in Moscow does not decrease, although the economic situation has not had time to fully stabilise after the global financial crisis. The demand for such flats remained at the same level as before the crisis.

Experts real estate agencies emphasize that the proposals in this segment is not enough, given the steady demand for elite Metropolitan apartment with expensive repairs with high quality. The most acute this problem has become since mid-February when the demand for luxury apartments has increased steadily. According to the company Penny Lane Realty, in March, wanting to buy residential real estate for rent Moscow was several times more than in the last two months of last year.

Director Penny Lane Realty Alexander Ziminsky says that currently the real estate market pent-up demand is small. He notes that the number of buyers who want to buy an apartment right now and are actively taking some action increases. According to Alexander Zima, the buyers, who had hoped that the prices of luxury flats will drop significantly, now I see that their expectations are not met. In the past three months, no significant fluctuations in the price of an exclusive housing has not happened.

Also Director of Penny Lane Realty says that the majority of sellers of elite housing in the capital operate in the secondary market. Those who have stable financial situation, do not give buyers discounts of over four percent, because I do not see evidence of this.

According to experts, in the near future, the shortage of luxury apartments will become even more noticeable. The main reason for that – the "freezing" of a number of projects. Company experts Penny Lane Realty summarize: lucrative offers on the luxury real estate market at the present time not worth the wait.

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