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Elite housing in Moscow is expensive

luxury real estate Market of the capital has overcome the crisis caused by the stage of waiting for potential customers and in late 2009 began to show signs of activity. It began to return buyers with a budget from 10 million to 20 million.

For the last three months of 2009 has been more than ten transactions, when the square meter cost about 40 000 $, which is a very high price level relative to the beginning of the year. So, according to Ekaterina Rumiantseva, General Director "Kalinka-realty", in the fourth quarter of last year in the area of Ostozhenka was implemented penthouse apartment 21 million $. It has become one of the largest transactions in the market of elite urban housing in 2009. in Total, according to the expert evaluation of the strategic consulting division, over the past year on the elite residential market was made of 300–310 deals. Only from August to December sold at least 140 of apartments, an average value of 35–40 sales per month. This figure indicates that sales activity is close to pre-crisis levels, when monthly sold 45–50 apartments.

the company Experts note that the prices for the elite residential real estate has ceased to decline in June, and in autumn the actual offer prices even rose by 15% compared to summer. This can be explained as follows: in the spring and even early summer at most sites with the goal of stimulating demand were offered discounts of up to 20–25% on the official price proposal, and today discounts to customers have not provided. Moreover, in some objects, in relation to March 2009, there was an increase of up to 30%.

it Remains to add that the average cost of one square meter in the primary elite residential market of Moscow amounted to about 18 750 $. And on secondary it even higher.

The ranking of the most expensive homes of Moscow
Jan 18, 2010
Thanks to the published rating of the most expensive real estate in the capital, wealthy people who want to buy an apartment and for whom price is a secondary issue, it is now much easier to navigate in the market of elite apartments in Moscow.
The luxury housing market of Moscow is on the rise due to the shortage of supply
Jan 22, 2010
The demand for luxury housing is gaining momentum. More recently, in 2008-2009, the apartment Suite was in a suspended animation. Developers tried to attract customers with nice prices, competing between each other. People on these proposals went reluctantly, holding Supervisory-wait-and-see position. Some offer reached discount 70%.
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