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Free layout: for and against

the Most desirable housing in Russia
Recent years have brought to the apartments with a free layout persistent popularity. The interior of houses under construction has ceased to equip the interior walls, leaving it to the will of the owners. The head of the company "MIEL-new construction" Maria Litinetskaya says: today, the majority of housing in prefabricated and monolithic buildings is the apartments with a free layout (80 to 90%). Head of Department of elite real estate realization Alexander Ziminsky confirms: in the suburban towns of newly built homes also 85% is from these apartments. Performers adapt to the customer, and it proves once again – today's Russians would prefer to form a living space.

Despite the obvious savings builders primary residence – after all, they don't need to install interior partitions and do other finish – apartments with a free plan not lose the price of any other housing. The difference in cost of apartments with furnish and without her hovering around four to six thousand rubles per square meter. According to Alexander Zima, the situation in the business sector demonstrates the demand for this fashionable housing outstrips supply. Wanting to buy an apartment with a free plan is not deterred even by the stable growth of its value.

What this property has conquered the hearts of Russians? The main advantage of the apartment is open plan – the ability to make a living custom, to organize. Among the buyers of apartments with a free plan, there are many people who are trying to make your home exclusive, connecting design professionals premises.

Technical highlights
Meanwhile, the layout, called free, is also subject to certain laws from which no retreat. So, despite the lack of walls in the apartment, the Builder will indicate future owner options to their location (i.e., carry out tracing). The fact is that without the trace inner wall and does not enter into the documents BTI, and living space will be more expensive. That's why better to "anticipate" the appearance of the walls and not to pay for the space that they will occupy.

The trace, according to which appears the walls and other finishing, the future owner has the right to determine independently. You can plan all living spaces, except for areas of pipelines and risers. So, the imagination of the owner remains the location of rooms in relation to the entrance, Windows and risers. Head of sales Department of residential real estate Blackwood Oksana Diveevo gives the example: the owner may arrange in his apartment one large room with three Windows instead of three small rooms with one window each.

A separate issue – the redevelopment of apartments on the secondary housing market. So, managing partner of office "the University" (group of companies "MIEL") Alla Vishnevskaya on our own experience: strict letter of the law narrows the boundaries of creative changes to the apartment. Before performing any work in domestic premises will have to take into account the facts – consistent performance of second homes. As for safety of residents, any alterations must be legally valid.

Planned in this apartment changes are thoroughly coordinated with the Moscow State housing Inspectorate. While a priori there is a list of those papers, to produce which the secondary housing is prohibited. This and the demolition of the bearing wall and relocation of the gas riser and cutting of the duct, and the dismantling of the ventilation. So the new plan for "apartments with history" is somewhat limited.

Pros and cons of free planning
Obvious positive aspects of buying an apartment with free planning. There is an opportunity to improve their lives by their own criteria of comfort. According to the family needs to plan for more toilets, to vary the size of the hall, living room, bedroom. Can be equipped "kitchen," such as in the small dining room to cook and eat as a family.

In addition, it will be possible to pay attention to the Hobbies of each family member: to arrange the room-the Cabinet, to allocate space for a pantry or utility room, to create a niche for storage of toys in the nursery. The apartment with a free plan you can equip an original premise and non-standard type, which had long dreamed of, with individual configuration and unusual interior.

Trace options you can discuss with your family, so take into account the needs and interests of each. Open space is an opportunity to consider the reception and accommodation of relatives, and the birth of new apartment dwellers. This living space effectively can adjust to fit your needs and lifestyle and establish its own domestic comfort.

Difficulty in buying an apartment with a free plan is the need to organize in her comprehensive work. This means that here it will be impossible to enter immediately after purchase. Because the apartment with a free plan initially will be nearly empty concrete room, is not yet possible. Especially significant drawback will be the need for large-scale works in that case, if the apartment is got in the property, but only rented.

Improve the situation of the so-called "high-finish" from the developer. That is, in the apartment with a free plan by the time of delivery will be previous work on priming the walls, laying the floor etc. the Developer may undertake the construction of the walls on the approved customer scheme, if he does not want to look at a third-party company. However, with the increase of work done will increase the cost of the apartment with a free plan, but now it is slightly more expensive than standard housing.

According to Olga Guseva, marketing Director of GC "master Builder", by itself, the apartment with a free plan in the monolithic house will cost 5-10% more expensive than conventional housing in a panel building. If inside will be erected interior walls and done a complex of other repair work, the end the difference in cost will be from 30 to 50%. And that's not to mention the services of a designer space. So you need to be financially prepared for not only the purchase of an apartment with a free plan, but also to additional costs for it.

With the onset of the banking crisis, the demand for new housing fell sharply. Consequently, the Russian developers have invented a number of new ways to attract customers. Among these methods – a proposal buy a finished apartment in new buildings economy class. The price per square meter of such housing began to include produced by experts repair. Gradually, the sale of such housing has become a common practice. As a consequence of the abundance of such proposals, and increased client requests. As noted by Maria Litinetskaya, modern consumer is discerning and makes high demands on the quality of housing. According to her, the real estate market increases the share of apartments with already made repairs.

Think for yourself, decide for yourself
So, for the developer, according to "INCOM-Estate", the difficulty is the need for coordination of his work with BTI and other structures. For the buyer the main downside of the apartment with a free plan – it is the impossibility of rapid settlement and the additional costs of home improvements. Therefore, in conditions of maximum economy of means and time optimal still the standard option – ready and equipped accommodations. Apartment with open plan chosen by those who steadfastly motivated to generate your living space.

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