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How much is a view of the Kremlin

Experts Metropolitan real estate market in their forecasts regarding the growth of housing prices in the near future is unambiguous, however, stress that growth will not be stable — it will be different not only for different industries, but will depend on the quality of the finished properties.
And it is the quality of real estate will be given a determining role in the formation of prices per square meter.

Moscow realtors say that today those who wish to rent luxury property in the capital are prepared to pay for exclusivity, uniqueness, high quality real estate. So, in consideration of the company "Inkom-real Estate", you could say that the rent for accommodations with views of the Kremlin, on average, higher by 15% compared to other similar proposals, but without a decent view outside the window.

Experts say that many tenants just don't see any reason to choose luxury townhouse at a sufficiently large value, if the Windows offer a wonderful view of the littered roof of prefabricated houses, standing near, or on smokestacks.

Moscow quickly has adopted the examples of many developed world capitals, where real estate prices are strictly differentiated according to districts, areas, streets. While in Moscow, tenants are mostly focused on the furniture, but soon, the assurances of experts, the location will play a decisive role, regardless of whether you want to buy apartment or rent.

Returning to the apartments with views of the Kremlin, it is worth noting that the rent on average is from 90 000 rubles per month. So, in 95 000 rubles a month will cost one bedroom apartment on Novy Arbat area of 54 sqm For an apartment of similar characteristics but without views of the Kremlin will need to pay about 83 000 rubles per month.

As a rule, real estate with views of the Kremlin are mainly interested in visitors - it can be Western top managers or just tourists. It is clear that we are talking about small apartments, which in total units accrued. If we are talking about rental housing, specific characteristics play a less important role than when buying an apartment. Decent view from the window is important for tenants it is a luxury, exclusive apartments.

However, not only rent, but buy an apartment in the center of Moscow for the most part want the foreigners. Every third buyer of real estate - not the Muscovite. Among the buyers are dominated by regional businessmen, who often bump into Moscow and prefer to live in comfortable conditions.

Buyers trying to buy properties in Prime Metropolitan areas - Western and South-Western districts, the Central administrative.

The second category regional customers include customers of the business class who choose apartments are usually in Western or South-Western administrative districts.

Among regional buyers of luxury housing is dominated by representatives of Northern oil fields, the North Caucasus, the Ukraine, Stavropol territory. In addition, there is a demand also to "student housing" apartments for young families, students, parents who buy.

For such objects there is a high demand from buyers from Northern regions, Tatarstan, Bashkiria and so on. Such buyers are turning their attention mainly to the North and North-West of Moscow. A typical portrait of the apartment looks like this: 2 bedroom apartment, fully livable, finished, costing in the range of 8-9 million rubles.

Given the situation on the Moscow real estate market, we can predict that in the coming years, the demand for real estate will only increase, respectively, and will increase the cost of housing.

Tradition capital real estate
Jul 13, 2010
The company "MIEL-Brokerage" conducted a study, which were obtained very interesting data. It turns out that more than 30% of buyers of apartments in Moscow are not Muscovites. Moreover, such a trend was observed not only in this year, but earlier. Sale of apartments in the fall of 2008 almost in every third case was not the Muscovite and the inhabitant of the region. Due to the high cost of housing, especially apartments in the center of Moscow, during the crisis the percentage of regional buyers has fallen sharply, and to the original indicators which were observed before the crisis, was able to return only in the summer of 2010.
Where the expats live well
Jul 14, 2010
Recently on the Moscow real estate market can observe a rapid growth of the market of rent of elite habitation. Experts say about the connection of this growth with the influx of qualified foreign professionals, top managers.
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