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Implementation of new buildings with decoration has become a trend in the luxury segment

More recently, apartments in new buildings are sold only with a rough finish. All subsequent landscaping of the property was to make the buyer. Now there is a new trend – more apartments are sold with fine finish, which significantly reduces the time of repair works and their cost. In addition, the owner of the purchased apartment do not need to spend time on repairs, and have the opportunity to move into new housing immediately after the signing of the contract of purchase and sale.

Abroad for a long time been implemented apartments with a fine finish completely ready for living. A few years ago, domestic companies also began to ponder that sell apartments in elite new buildings "under key". This trend is actually very beneficial both to developers and buyers. The former have the ability to quickly sell the apartment due to the high demand for such facilities, second buy a ready-made for apartment living that avoids the need for repairs.

Construction companies are able to carry out repairs at much lower prices than the highly specialized repair companies. Therefore, the final cost of such apartments will be the same as if the buyer was doing the repairs yourself or even below. Thus, to buy an apartment turnkey – this is a very effective solution, both in monetary and temporal terms.

Usually flats are transferred to the owner with a wet finish. Ie has cabling, made screed and levelling, erected interior partitions. The buyer needs to do final finishing and to put the furniture.

Now developers offer their clients ready to purchase an apartment. In this case, finishing repairs already performed on a standard or individual project. Moreover, the buyer may call the designer, selected in its discretion, to implement the project design interior in the room.

Usually, purchasing a new home, we have a very long experience discomfort from the ongoing door to door repairs. In case if the house is sold renovated apartment – such trouble can be avoided. This and many other benefits will only increase the popularity of apartments in elite new buildings "turnkey".

Apartment for sale: saving or encumbrance
Nov 24, 2008
It is known that the majority of apartments in new buildings are sold with a rough finish and the new owner will have to bring the purchased accommodations up to a perfect condition. But the market rapidly increases the number of offers of apartments in new buildings already finished completely. They are ready for life, and, having deposited funds for such an apartment, the buyer can immediately enter and live. This was practiced in the Soviet times. Many will remember that they built houses and flats in them immediately olivaris, Wallpapers and floor laid to tile. What has led to the fact that the modern construction company decided to adopt the practice of builders of Soviet times? Perhaps the sale of such apartments is more profitable? And what is best for the consumer? We will try to understand.
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