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New buildings economy class

According to experts office "the University", which specializes in real estate secondary market with interior finishing "turnkey", the average period of finding a buyer for the business object class with design author's repair is from 2 to 4 months. As for apartments in new buildings of Moscow, the average exposure period in this case even less able to find buyers for objects still under repair.

The crisis construction companies have learned many lessons, the most important of which was the desire to expand the formats of the proposals to cover the widest possible range of potential buyers.

So on the new construction market appeared a new proposal - apartments for sale, we have apartments ready to move in. According to experts, the volume offers newly renovated Moscow in the segment of economy-real estate is about 20%. Another 30% is accounted for by the objects in which the decoration is an extra offer and for an additional fee. The prices for finishing oscillate in a rather wide range - from 9 to 15 thousand rubles per sq. m. Price on trim "finishing" today is about 4 000 rubles per sq. m.

The real estate market of Moscow new buildings of an economy class today are extremely popular, but scarce commodity: demand significantly exceeds supply. As a rule, the location of an erected panel buildings from the point of view of customers the business-class leaves much to be desired, but most buyers wish to get the most comfortable living conditions at least in terms of more square footage and high quality repairs.

Usually such objects are bought for the accommodation. In terms of profitable investments such housing is practically not considered, and buyers want to move in ready, comfortable housing. On the other hand not all the apartments can boast high quality finishes. Unfortunately, not all developers that use the repair of apartments turnkey for competitive advantage, choose to finish high quality materials, use of modern building technology.

It is considered that the average budget for repairs is about 25% of the value of this object. Indeed, the real estate business class involves the use of imported tiles, high quality wood flooring, wooden double-glazed Windows, household appliances of famous brands. As for repairing the real estate economy, it is often used in the finishing of laminate, plastic Windows, equipment level economy and so on.

Says Alla Vishnevskaya, which is the managing partner of the office of the "University" of the company "MIEL", the main volume of offers of objects of the University business segment, is included in the value range of 16 to 20 million roubles. As the price of objects of economy class, which are carried out with observance of the same standards, their value does not exceed, as a rule, 10 million rubles, which can significantly extend the range of customers.

Alla Vishnevskaya says that the average implementation period of the property "turnkey" in business class is two to four months, despite the higher cost, if to compare with analogues. As for the economy class, the demand for such objects is so large that the buyer is easy to find at the stage of repair.

Buyers are tired of repairs
Jun 26, 2012
Buyers of luxury properties in the primary market of Moscow is already tired of having to do the repairs and are not prepared, as a few years ago to buy the house, only half finished. Increasingly popular apartment. The company Penny Lane Realty, a study was conducted that showed that buyers who choose real estate business class, prefer apartments with a fine finish. Moreover, today the options are welcome and fully furnished. If you compare the demand for finished apartments with indicators of 2010, to date the number of requests for such objects has increased by 15%.
"Stalinkas" losing popularity
Jul 13, 2012
It would seem that only 10-20 years ago, Stalin's home was considered the standard of comfortable accommodation. Recently, however, "Stalinka" began to take their positions, giving way to the niche as a leader in this area of modern residential complexes.
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