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Selling with the repair of apartments in Moscow. "Avangard77"

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New unique service "MIEL-Brokerage" – "secondary" apartment "turnkey"

Significantly increase the demand for second homes and make innovation in this market segment are the company "MIEL-Brokerage". She now offers a completely refurbished free Resellers, equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable stay. In the range of about thirty secondary apartments with two, three and four rooms that are suitable for life and put up at the moment for sale. Leading experts in the field of real estate according to the results of monitoring and surveys concluded that the secondary housing "turnkey" is considered to be extremely popular and its popularity will only increase. The increased demand for secondary housing "turnkey" is because:

  • by Purchasing this apartment, the consumer can settle and live without it for the previous repair and improvement works of the home.
  • These flats are absolutely free, legally documented, and therefore there is no fear that the purchased real estate in the future will be any problem.
  • Most of these flats have already made a convenient layout, which is made in accordance with the received resolution.
  • secondary housing "turnkey" comes with a full package of documents, which significantly facilitates the procedure of registration of the mortgage in the Bank.

second homes "turnkey" for sale in good areas Western, South West and Central district of Moscow. Each apartment is made on an elaborate design project, which is being developed with regard to aesthetics of the living space, its ergonomics and compliance with modern trends. Immediately after the purchase flats to settle and live, as it is transferable to a new owner with a built-in furniture and appliances, the installed electrical equipment and fixtures, with modern, comfortable kitchen. Buy fully equipped apartments extremely beneficial to those who urgently need housing and who have no time to improve life unfit for living space.

Alexei shlenov, General Director of "MIEL-Brokerage, believes that entered the service of sale of fully-furnished apartments – this is exclusive of the real estate market. The consumer has the opportunity to live in a purchased apartment, doing no preparatory work. In fact, settlement may occur immediately after signing the contract of sale. Barely, this service appeared in the real estate market, as it appeared at the peak of popularity, as eloquently statistics: for sale the apartments "turnkey" sold for a few days.

To potential buyers it was easier to find the necessary apartment, the company has created on the Internet page There you can see pictures of objects, read the description of apartments and make your choice.

In 2014 in Moscow will be renovated each apartment.
Nov 24, 2008
Pavel Biryukov, first Deputy mayor of Moscow, made a statement that by 2014 in the capital will be renovated each apartment. The purpose of this event is to bring the city in order to give it a new appearance and improve comfort.
The index of the real estate market luxury housing the first out of the crisis
Feb 13, 2009
To have information means to own the world. In the case of matters relating to changes in property prices, the possession of peace, of course, speech is not, however, competent analysis of the current situation in the property market will significantly expand the capabilities of each potential buyer/seller of real estate.
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