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Popular atypical apartment layouts

Who does not remember the ironic remarks from the film "Irony of fate, or With easy steam" on standard projects of houses and apartments that form the typical neighborhoods? Obviously, neither forty years ago or today typical apartment in the centre or on the edge has never been the subject of admiration of their inhabitants. Therefore, nowadays many apartments for sale initially involves binding of the non-standard alterations in the near future. Of course, much better when the house is planned individually according to the needs of its future owner. But for the developer it is not profitable, so the client will first have to buy an apartment in Moscow and only after that to do the repair.

Non-standard layout
Individuality, as is known, requires a different approach to redevelopment, by the way, even a tiny increase of the doorway, ten inches is such. However, non-standard solutions, as strange as it may sound, has its standards. For example, the most common apartment bathrooms, because of their traditionally small size. The nicest thing doing here owners is the transfer of the wall in the area of the corridor or combination of toilet and bathroom. One of the favorite design techniques is the demolition of walls, which then build up in other areas of the apartment with niches and lighting or stack of glass. In fashion today, doorways and rooms are unusual and asymmetrical shapes.

Free layout
Those who do not want to buy a house and then live in a typical "boundaries", you should pay attention to the open-plan apartments, where there is always room for author's ideas. The fact is that in these apartments, the developers do not put partitions, and here you will easily be able to "build" a round room and triangular bathrooms. If you allow the height, you can even build a "second" floor, resulting in ready apartment immediately go into a completely different category, becoming "elite", because two-storied apartment – it is a luxury available to few.

"Make friends" with the law is profitable
The law severely limits the imagination of home-grown architects who need to know that the apartment "Haute couture", with the transfer of load-bearing walls or wet areas may be prohibited. If changes made without approvals and permits, sale of such repairs in the future will be impossible without the settlement of all matters in the BTI and other institutions. This is, without doubt, will require a lot of time, money and nerves. At the same time, successfully and legitimately remade house can seriously "to gain" weight in price and be sold much more expensive than it was bought even a few months ago.

Moscow balconies "outside the law"
Jan 27, 2011
Almost every apartment has its own "original" balcony, which is not conducive to the preservation of the external appearance of the city. Almost 95% of Muscovites "closed" balconies illegal.
An agreement on cooperation with Joint-stock Commercial Bank "FORA-BANK"
Jun 15, 2011
The company "MIEL-Brokerage" shaped for their clients instant service to determine the creditworthiness. Thanks to a new program exactly after 3 hours of abstract thought of credit turn into real plans. This is made possible through the combined efforts of the company with CJSC JSCB "FORA-BANK" - an experienced professional mortgage lending of citizens to buy apartments.
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