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Property involving a mortgage loan

this Luxury estate is quite a narrow segment on the market today. A truly unique, exclusive objects today. However, this is understandable: the exclusivity is piece goods, and luxury apartments must meet certain requirements, to meet explicit criteria. Always there are buyers willing to pay more for the exclusive. In the crisis years there had been a decline in consumer activity, but this reduction was not so noticeable because of nemassovoy and narrow segment.

Today one can observe a steady growth in demand for luxury properties. Most active in this plan urban segment - where demand has grown by more than half over the last year. As for country real estate, the demand also grows, but less pronounced.

On the real estate market in the capital began to return to foreign customers are generally talking about people who own business in Russia are already not the first year. If a foreigner is going to buy an apartment, he, as a rule, are well-versed in Russian reality, he speaks fluent Russian. As for foreign tenants, it can be not only those who live long enough in our country, but also those who have recently arrived. Buy flats usually expats from Europe, rent a property for foreigners from all over the world.

Returning to the Russian buyers of real estate, it is worth noting that most of it comes to buyers who want to solve the housing problem and who have the money to buy. There is always a certain percentage of people who do not want to rent a property. And the reasons for this reluctance is more than enough. So, in today's market it is not easy to find decent properties for rent - luxury homes most recently built and most of the apartments are under repair. Tenants don't want to wait and invest in your own property.

Returned to the Russian market and transactions on purchase of real estate from the borrowing of funds - to date, two of the three transactions for buying elite apartments pass this way. Among the main buyers of luxury real estate, you can allocate Moscow businessmen, business leaders from various regions, top managers of major Russian and foreign companies.

If we talk about the real estate market, one can observe a few other trends. So, most foreigners do not want to buy an apartment, but prefer the rent. About 60% of the total number of tenants of elite housing were immigrants from other countries. In addition, rent luxury properties and also those who do not wish to invest large sums in housing. Prefer to rent and those who do not want to deal with the necessary repairs needed in the apartment, within the luxury segment of the market most of the apartments, the apartments are sold "under the finish".

Rental properties assumes that the person is ready to compromise that substantially broadens the choice. However, sometimes there are difficult conditions. For example, according to Natalia Kats, managing Director of Agency of elite real estate "Farmstead", was recorded case, when you want to rent a country house set a condition that the area should be dog house with air conditioning and heating. But such requests are rather the exception than the rule.

The Metropolitan apartments has decreed that growth to 200 thousand rubles for "square"
Jul 27, 2010
The first half of 2010 clearly shows that the prices in the secondary housing market slowly but surely rise up. Until recently, the frenzied demand for new buildings, but taking into account the increased purchasing power and are not very active in the construction of houses wakes up interest in secondary real estate.
Decorate and shake
Sep 23, 2010
Residents of the capital are beginning to explore a new direction in business: we are talking about buying an apartment without repair, the repair work and the subsequent sale of the object. The profitability of this business is quite high, but only if you have met all of the subtleties and nuances, which will be discussed in this article.
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