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Realtors call evaluation criteria housing

In the capital's residential skyscrapers, the premium for the proximity to the clouds, starting from the 20th floor, is 300 to 1 thousand dollars per square meter for each floor depending on the class of the house. Moreover, the view from the window can provide additional income in case the sale and delivery of the rental property.

Experts of the company "Manor" confident that the same amount will cost more housing and not on such high floors, but with "outstanding views", for example, if the Windows offer a panorama of the Kremlin.

"as a percentage of high rise housing, for sale, in Moscow quite a few – about 4-5% of the total supply. At the same time, in recent years, the demand for high-rise housing has become more pronounced than before, and reaches about 15% of the total number of requests", – says a company spokesperson. Hope Volokhova.

"In most cases, to live high wants the man – women are afraid of heights, and rarely receives requests for the purchase of real estate. Also don't like to climb high elderly people, the bulk of the buyers of apartments in high-rises – young people",- stated in a press release. As noted in the article, in today's Moscow high-rise building – the structure's height from 75 metres or 25 storeys.

According to the company "Inkom-real Estate", the amount of lease payments for leasing of property with views of the Kremlin, on average, 15% higher than the monthly payments for similar suggestions, but without "decent view".

"Moscow will quickly adopt the example of all other world capitals, where the price of houses-apartments strictly differentiated according to the regions, districts and even streets, - said the Director of the Bureau of real estate Elena Akinfeev. – While in the Russian capital orientation is for furniture and repairs or on the "Golden mile" and areas that do not fall into it. But not for long, and in this respect, the crisis has played the right role in a more adequate assessment of any property, whether removable or "purchase".

the Prices for rent of apartments with views of the Kremlin start from 90 thousand rubles a month, according to capital realtors. For 90-95 thousand rubles a month, you can rent overlooking the main attraction of the capital-bedroom apartment on New Arbat street. The area of such housing is 54 "square", kitchen – 8, according to experts of "Interfax-real Estate".

rent a similar under characteristics of apartments (location, condition, finish, the list of available furniture and household appliances, etc.), but not having the views of the Kremlin, is estimated at 80 to 83 thousand rubles a month.

Before the crisis, the most expensive in terms of rental apartments were in the so-called "house on the embankment" with the best in Moscow overlooking the Kremlin. Due to the fact that the apartments in this building are rarely leased, the price reached 30-35 thousand euros a month, and was and is today, according to realtors, the queue.

mainly housing with views of the Kremlin, interested "guests" of the capital – arriving in Moscow Western top managers. This "piece" of the apartment, in which the total volume of supply units. As a rule, the importance of species characteristics in housing, not as high as when buying an apartment. The view from the window is increasingly important for tenants of an elite segment" - noted in "Inkom-real Estate".

However, in the purchase and sale of property in Moscow, the leaders were not its indigenous inhabitants. Every third home buyers in the capital today is not a Muscovite, study says the company "MIEL-Brokerage". Experts emphasize that regional businessmen make a decision about buying real estate in Moscow, since I prefer to stay in comfortable conditions. Real estate class "luxury" and "premium" buy local clients in alternative transactions, increasing the level of housing.

according to the report, these clients are trying to purchase real estate in prestigious areas - administrative district Central, Western and South-Western districts.

the Second category of regional buyers - the customers of the business class. "The majority arrived in the capital professionals, and entrepreneurs, who give preference to the purchase of housing before long-term lease. These clients choose housing generally in Western or South-Western administrative districts", - underlined in the report of the company.

  Realtors say that regional buyers of expensive real estate is primarily representatives of the Northern oil regions, the Stavropol territory, Ukraine and the North Caucasus. In addition, experts state, there is a noticeable demand for "student" property - apartment for students from different regions or young families whose parents buy housing in Moscow. Of considerable interest to buyers from Bashkiria, Tatarstan and Northern regions. They get housing mainly in the North and North-West of the capital. The typical query is one - bedroom apartment with finishing, fully livable, with a price range of 8-9 million rubles. 

  Another large and active group of regional buyers are focused on the budget accommodation. Price range - up to 5 million rubles for 2 bedroom apartments and 3-bedroom apartments no more than 10 million rubles. 

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