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Remodeling: the unexpected possibilities, and expected prohibitions

All easily – it is difficult, everything is difficult –.
Popular wisdom.

to Break down the old wall, to make new, to extend the corridor through the bathroom and the ventilation duct, connecting the balcony and the living room, simultaneously uniting it with the kitchen… In Russia all these ways to improve, and most importantly, to expand housing used very often. The only trouble is that such an initially simple and inexpensive ways to get the coveted square meters can result in spending on the restoration plan in accordance with a floor plan of the house. And can result in the truest sense of the word – on the heads of the peacefully sleeping neighbors bottom of bathtub leaked, migrated exactly at the place where the project is located bedroom.

Complications and unfortunate consequences on the way to the center for your taste home do not count. That's just our rights they don't stop: hundreds of thousands of unregistered (since the registration not only costs money but also involves verification of compliance of the redevelopment of the building regulations) alterations to be made monthly throughout the country. And not without consequences.

Who is to blame?
To a certain extent responsible "pereplanirovochnye boom" can be considered thematic forums, media, print free ready ideas, builders themselves, for which there is a new gold mine – orders for alterations. And all too often they work to improve layout, increase space due to the "something unnecessary" turn out badly. Deviation from design sustainability house on a quarter – it is the result only of dismantling one or two floors, several interior load-bearing walls. All you need to multiple tenants at the same time came to the decision to make your home better.

Guilty and we ourselves, deciding that since the rent "money paid yet", that we are free to do it all that your heart desires, though the walls be taken down, though the bathroom to transfer. But the fact that the neighbors feel when the hammer begins to destroy a solid wall, squealing in contact with the armature, prefer not to think. However, the nightmare for neighbors may not be the end: suddenly pass such a reliable pipe, through the newly opened cracks between slabs invade a neighbor's cockroaches, and the battery suddenly stops warming – just due to the fact that the neighbors decided the system warm water floor be bolted to the riser.

But, gentlemen, so if we all care what people think and feel, the neighbors, let's think about ourselves: it may not be limited to the cost of bringing the apartment to its original appearance. The amount will be added a fine, payment of court costs, if not a couple of weeks in the winter without heating due to damaged utilities.

with in Russia to reschedule OK?
Of course, the possibility of redevelopment can be taken into account at the stage of buying houses. The increased demand for apartments so-called open-plan, where future walls barriers only scheduled two or three bricks in height, proof. This, at first glance, present a field for experimentation with the layout. Yes, and in itself apartment free layout – this is not only the absence of internal partitions, but also in a special way laid the pipes and an electrician. They do not interfere with the work on the arrangement of rooms on the taste of the owner, although certain limitations can be found here. In particular, in the SNiP (construction norms and rules – multi-volume Bible builders and repairers) living areas open-plan worked a little, so BTI will require the owner of the conformity of zoning to a certain plan and rules. About them tell you more.

And what not? Completely
In fairness, we note that the requirements of the building regulations is quite justified: they were developed in an era when the cornerstone was put the reliability, not money. So most of the prohibitions in the sphere of redevelopment is driven by the desire to secure as the residents who wanted to redraw the map of the apartment and their neighbors.

For example, the prohibitions related to placement of the gas equipment. We are talking, primarily, about the plates, without which no cost, no kitchen. As a source of volatile toxic substances, gas stove – and kitchen – must be isolated from other areas of the house the door and the wall, not the bar or even columns, only outlines the boundaries of the zone for cooking/dinner.

With tenderness and reverence were the Soviet engineers, the proceedings of which were developed rules and regulations, and the inside plumbing. Bathroom, toilet – they were the only place where up and down were located similar space. That is, if I'm afraid of leaks, but not too much: the flood in the bathroom will cost much less than a flood in the kitchen or (heaven forbid) in the library.

Rules of arrangement and transfer of the wet rooms aim to obstruct the increase in linear feet of pipe, number of fittings and valves. A minimum of taps and valves. At least knee length and routing. Thus, we achieve the main thing – reducing the probability of occurrence of accidental leaks (which are known to occur in the weakest places – in the joints of pipes).

Now fashionable warm water floor – another headache building. The diameter of the pipes for engineering networks (in this case – water) determines the amount of water that the system can drive through it. And, accordingly, the amount that can get tenants. Taking tens of litres warm water floor when you attach it to the riser, we subtract them.

It is impossible to arrange the outputs of the combined bathroom in the bedroom. Not because of what we hard for them to live comfortable, and for the same reasons of safety and, excuse me, sanitation: water in large quantities is not good.

And yet it is impossible to arrange a full room with no Windows: the kitchen, bedroom and living room are required to obtain sunlight. However, the developers of tyranny rules this postulate seems at first glance. One has only to try for a week to cook every day in the pantry and set the cutting table and microwave with a fridge. Pleasure – zero, the products spoil faster. The last – from the absence of UV light, which has antibacterial properties.

And what?
Carry the bathrooms. Within a limited corridor, using the techniques of transfer of ventilation ducts or shifting away of the wall in the kitchen.
You can divide the bathroom. It's easy to agree with BTI and the arrangement of the entrance to the bathroom or shower from the bedroom: sanitation bathroom and toilet-completely different things.
You can break the inner walls, only first you need to understand which of them the untouchables (supporting), and which – for beauty. By the way, in obtaining information on the location of bearing walls will assist in BTI: they are the final authority in matters of planning, not the Builder and not the architect of the building.

You can build a niche, carry the ventilation duct, be separated from the kitchen space under the pantry and combine balconies and rooms: that's only for the radiators on the balcony can slap a huge fine, because of the heavy hulks of iron – this is a potential danger of collapse of the balcony design.

So, at first glance, restrictions much more than permitted ways to extend the living space. But most of the prohibitions dictated by considerations of basic security. The same passion balcony (balcony – this is the most forbidden fruit of pereplanirovschika, two or three square meters of which beckon and call to attach them to the area of the apartment) in the capital and major cities of the country took epidemic proportions. If not for injunctive relief, the collapse would be much greater.

Everything is good in moderation: it is not possible to turn the kitchen in an apartment, even if you break down all the walls. But to turn into the ruins of the house – described above by – even as possible.

"A gold mine" near: bought, repaired, sold
Nov 12, 2009
In a survey of different real estate organizations revealed that even in conditions of complete stagnation of the market demand for secondary apartments with full repairs without drops. This finish in the near future, may be ordinary and for ordinary apartments. In that case, if the period of low activity on the market will last at least a year, this situation can become quite real. The paradox is that the proposed repair of apartments failed to revive sales.
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Dec 12, 2009
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