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Requirements for housing business class in the secondary market

Today on the real estate market has become increasingly popular in the segment of secondary apartments of business class. It is a relatively new but rapidly attracts the attention of customers, as qualitatively different from what they now propose a new construction. In addition, apartment business-class aftermarket looks much better than conventional housing, even if it is cheaper. Buyers who prefer this type of real estate, bringing to him a number of special requirements.

The specialists of "Avangard77" working in the market of secondary apartments of business class, identified key characteristics that, in the opinion of the customers, should possess such objects. So, what is a housing business class from the secondary real estate market? This apartment is obligatorily located in a good area of the city. At the time of sale it already has a fully finished quality repairs, often with a sound designer and re-planning (documented). Apartments business class are realized with the installed appliances. In short, this property is ready to move in new tenants.

Choosing a business-class, the buyer attaches great importance to the location of the house. In this sense, the main thing that it was in the old Moscow area, already inhabited and fully equipped. It must be a prestigious area. These include Zamoskvorechye neighborhood metro station "University", Frunzenskaya embankment.

Alla Vishnevskaya, the Director General of the company "Avangard77" argues that buyers often seek apartments on the secondary market because of the desire to live in certain areas of the city. Proposals in the primary market, but such houses are mostly built close to the ring road, because there is a site for the construction, unlike capital centre.

The second important criterion for the secondary business class is the quality of the structure. In a panel building, due to its design features, apartments, business class may not be. First, prefabricated houses low ceilings. Secondly, alterations in the apartment of the house to do is not possible, because this does not allow special positioning of load-bearing structures. The next important factor when choosing housing – the availability of garages and Parking for car. In this case special importance is their affordability, T. E. the vehicle must not be separated from its owner. The quality of the Parking lot in this case departs on the second plan, the main thing - that the car was safe.

Not the last place in the list of requirements to the quality of the apartment business class is the view from the window, which can affect the value of such property. For example, for apartments of economy class requirements to the scenery outside the window is pretty simple: it doesn't have to be the tram tracks, industrial area, petrol station and other such objects. But to the real estate business class requirements are much higher. The bedroom window must go in a quiet court, welcome to the living room was visible Park, Moscow skyscrapers, etc.

Another important point concerns the infrastructure of the area. It needs to be sufficiently developed. For housing business class, it is important that nearby there was a nice Mall or supermarket, since this institution is considered the most visited. Also you want to be near a school, ideally – several educational institutions. In this case, the parents and the child will have a choice, and the daily trips to school will not take much time. Very well, if in the vicinity there is a Park, a fitness center, salon, restaurant.

When choosing housing specialists "Avangard77" recommend to pay attention to the history of the apartment. It is important to know whether a property is legally clean. Alla Vishnevskaya notes that it is often necessary to work with apartments that were formerly communal. For this reason, they have a very complicated story. In order for housing not having any problems, you want to diligently study the sequence of transfer of rights for past transactions with documentary evidence of the legality of each.

The second important point – remodeling and renovation. In this case, special importance is properly executed documents. If the authorization for execution of redevelopment there, it is possible to sell such an object is almost impossible.

The basis for flat business-class aftermarket
Jul 19, 2013
Today, new buildings business class in Moscow is one of the most popular types of real estate. But now there is an active demand for secondary apartments of the same type. They appear as a result of modernization and improvement of housing obsolete houses. Of course, it takes a lot of money, but in the end, the price of this apartment is increased by 45-50%. As emphasized by many owners of such property, such property is not just worth it, and justifies the investment, as it has a number of advantages. But that all costs were not in vain and the apartment of the secondary market was no worse than a new building, it is necessary to prepare a good base that meets all modern requirements.
Apartment business class is a reliable way to preserve the finances in time of crisis
Aug 05, 2013
Talk about a new wave of economic crisis do not cease, so it's expected people's desire to protect available funds by selecting the most reliable and liquid source of savings. Despite the availability of alternatives in the form of, for example, securities or precious metals, real estate continues to maintain a leading position in the list of ways to save finances. However, potential owners are not ready headlong to buy everything.
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