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Responsibility realtors

Legal cleanliness of the apartment today is a quite highly specialized and complex matter, which is able to clarify and elaborating an experienced realtor. When a customer plans to buy an apartment, he turns to the realtor for help, which includes the preparation of many important legal documents. In implementing this procedure, employees of realtor agencies can be carried out such important and responsible procedure as checking the home for possible risks of a legal nature, which subsequently can lead to many unpleasant moments for the client, up to the deprivation of his apartment. That's why before you buy an apartment in Moscow, you should carefully consider all moves and accept only the right decision, after consulting with the realtor.

The assessment of the purity property implies the installation of the fact of presence of all family members living in it at the time of sale or in the places of deprivation of liberty, service in a different city, etc., their competence and sanity, the rights of so-called persons of the third order, applying for an apartment, the presence of bans, arrests, mortgages, re-planning of rooms is not legitimized by, etc.

When choosing a realtor it is best initially to find out whether he is a liability to a potential customer. This is due to the question of the reinsurance of the client – in that case, if the deal is held invalid, the realtor will reimburse all the expenses incurred and to pay the put thus the damage. I would like to elaborate on this matter.

Despite the fact that the sale is everywhere, real estate brokerage services cannot be avoided. And here a very important point is the fact that really conscientious realtors and solid organization within which they work, assume all responsibility for entering into a transaction. This is an additional evidence of their high professionalism and the guarantee that the contract will be concluded on time without any problems and troubles. This insurance aims to indemnify a client in the judicial procedure for invalidity of the transaction. Depending on the situation, a real estate brokerage Agency also assumes the responsibility to fully reimburse the cost of the apartment, especially if it was apartment in downtown Moscow. However, if the client knowingly was warned by the realtor about the possible problems that may arise when buying an apartment, and still dare to buy it because of the low cost or for any other reasons, then the employee of the Agency is not responsible.

The question of insurance contract when buying an apartment without credit only solves the buyer, but in that case, if the transaction is carried out with attraction of credit funds – itself a lender like a Bank or lender loan mortgage. Regardless of whether you decide to buy an apartment with finishing or without, the banks when granting loan prefer to insure, as life or health. This procedure in our country is called title insurance. Actually it is very beneficial to banks and allows to obtain in the event of non-payment by the borrower of a loan not only the whole amount, and percentage.

Thus, the liability of estate agents when buying an apartment is not only moral but also material in nature.

The apartment didn't notice holidays
Jun 04, 2010
According to the latest data during spring and may holidays the volume of apartment sales in Moscow in comparison with previous years increased by 67%.
The Russians trust the Russian ruble and the housing
Jun 29, 2010
According to the data obtained in the survey of ROMIR, less than half of Russian citizens make financial savings. Moreover, in comparison with the data obtained in the past year, today is 6% less Russians make savings. Banks trust their deposits to less than half of those who make them – just 45% of people.
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