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Seasonality in the secondary housing market business-class

the Seasonality, typical of the real estate market, is not as relevant as before. The activity of buyers less dependent on the seasons, although, according to experts of the company "Avangard77" (GC "MIEL"), a definite link between customer demand and for months remained on the secondary housing market business-class. Understanding the reasons for the surge of interest in real estate this type, it is possible with high probability to predict the sales volume.

The specialists of "Avangard77" carefully collect and analyze statistical information. They note the growth of consumer activity in the segment of secondary apartments of business class in February. During this period, the primary receives more calls, more buyers actively book apartments, Reaffirming its financial readiness to purchase a house. From the point of view of Alla Vishnevskaya, the Director General of the company "Avangard77", this trend is primarily attributed to the work of the office staff, middle managers and top executives, who are the main buyers of second homes class of business. As a rule, in February the company paid annual bonuses. This is usually a fairly large sum, which allows people to plan serious investments, in particular real estate purchase.

Mainly the representatives of this consumer audience – the residents of Moscow. Due to such features of the work of the companies, there is a sharp increase in the activity of people interested in the purchase of a new business. So, stats "Avangard77" shows that 23% of the residential real estate business class in 2012 was booked and paid for in February. Over the last months of 2013 this figure reached 43%. Of course, at the moment they cannot provide a complete picture of the sales of apartments in 2013, but the overall trend is clear: the majority of secondary housing business class, reserved for sales from January to April, was issued in February.

Secondary flats belonging to the class of business, and interested representatives of the regions, as noted by Alla Vishnevskaya. The burst of activity this consumer audience are usually in may-June. From about the second decade of may to the second decade of June to decide the issue of housing for residents of extracting regions move to the capital of the North. The motives for the acquisition of apartments different: some people find work or open a business and come to Moscow for permanent residence, while others choose homes for children-students who plan to stay and work in Moscow after finishing his studies in the universities. A certain percentage of real property business class is purchased for representation purposes.

Traditionally, the third peak of the buying activity in the business class segment of secondary apartments is in the fall. In September and October, a period when people are psychologically prepared to make a final decision about the improvement of housing conditions. Summer vacation can not only relax, but also to define goals, to familiarize with the situation on the real estate market, to explore options and to understand the prices. Therefore, in the early to mid-autumn, usually before cold weather sets in, and implemented the accumulated demand: potential buyers enter into the economic phase of the transaction. The specialists of "Avangard77" bring these statistics: in September-October last year, which accounts for 21% of the annual sales of secondary apartments of business class. It is likely that in the current period percentage of the annual volume of transactions for September-October will be just as great.

The art of balance in the real estate market
Oct 18, 2013
The state of equilibrium of the market occurs when the equality of supply and demand. In real estate, constantly shaken by crises, fluctuations, changing patterns of demand, managed to reach balance only in the segment of the secondary housing business class. Experts at leading Moscow real estate companies "Avangard77" working successfully in this area, analyzed the situation and made a very optimistic conclusions.
Secondary housing market: a mixed business class
Nov 08, 2013
Although the secondary housing market flat business class are almost one and a half times more expensive than economy class, very often between the two variants there are no significant differences. The situation in the first place, due to the fact that a clear definition of the business segment is still missing.
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