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Secondary apartment with exclusive renovation is a unique service from the company "MIEL-Brokerage"

the Company "MIEL-Brokerage" managed to significantly increase the demand for second homes thanks to the extraordinary service: the company offers to buy free Resellers, completely ready for living. Apartment renovated and fully equipped.

At this point in the basis of the company not less than thirty secondary apartments: two-, three - and four-room. They are all completely furnished and already on sale. According to leading experts in the field of real estate market, surveys and monitoring confirm that housing under the key from the secondary market is very popular and its popularity will grow.

To explain the reasons of interest of consumers to the secondary apartments under the key in the following factors:
1. After the purchase of this apartment a person can move into it literally in the same day, because the room is already renovated, completed on design projects. In particular, organized the most convenient layout, the apartment was beautiful and comfortable from the point of view of functionality.
2. The apartments are completely free, everything is documented, so the customer can not be afraid that in the future purchased the real estate of any complexity.
3. To purchase this apartment in a mortgage is very fast, since all the real estate documents are ready.
Offered by the apartments are located in landscaped areas of Central, Western and South-Western district of Moscow. Interior and renovation of each apartment was done in accordance with a carefully considered design project, the design of which took into account the aesthetics of the residential space, according to current trends and ergonomics.

After completing the purchase, you can arrive at the apartment and throw a housewarming party, since everyone here is ready for the most comfortable stay: built-in furniture and appliances, quality plumbing and electrical equipment, modern comfortable kitchen and clever lighting.

Purchase furnished apartments is particularly advantageous when the question of housing is particularly acute and the buyer does not have time for putting in order and improvement of unprepared homes.

According to Alexey Shlenova, General Director of "MIEL-Brokerage", the service sales comfortable and fully renovated apartments on the real estate market is exclusive. And the main advantage of the acquisition of such apartments, he believes the possibility of moving into the residence immediately after the transaction.

The real estate market the service appeared recently, but looking at the statistics, we can already say that this proposal is in its peak: the apartment with a key sold within a few days.
To each potential buyer had the opportunity to examine the proposed apartments, the company "MIEL-Brokerage" established in the Internet special page Here you can see pictures of apartments: photos of the house in which the accommodation is located, pictures of the situation. The buyer will be able to make the right choice, after reviewing all options and considering their description.

The analysis of the real estate market: the crisis has not affected the luxury housing?
Mar 13, 2013
The real estate market research – the need for the buyer and the seller. Having a thorough knowledge of the current situation and having an idea of emerging trends, it is difficult to be mistaken with a choice of real estate, as well as to lose in the price in case of sale. The cost of real estate is influenced by many factors: speed of construction, purchasing power, demand, financial situation in the country, in the world.
Secondary apartments of business class banks in a special account
Jun 14, 2013
Each apartment has a major Bank underwriting, and the chances of getting a loan at housing, for example, in a house built before the end of 1950-ies, not great. But there are exceptions. So, almost every apartment business class on the secondary market receives the approval of the Bank.
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