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Secondary apartments of business class banks in a special account

As you know, banks do not always approve mortgage loans requested for the purchase of apartments on the secondary housing market. In addition to the requirements to solvency of the borrower, the lender quite severely restricts the purchaser in the selection of the object. Each apartment has a major Bank underwriting, and the chances of getting a loan at housing, for example, in a house built before the end of 1950-ies, not great. But there are exceptions. So, almost every apartment business class on the secondary market receives the approval of the Bank.

The main thing for banks to buy housing was liquid assets, which if necessary can be implemented in the shortest possible time. Therefore, the quality of collateral banks is evaluated with rigour. When considering the application for a loan takes into account everything – from the condition of the house and of legal purity of documents, to the quality of communication and the material of the walls. Banks also pay serious attention to the possibility of redevelopment in the apartment. If they were produced, they must be authorised".

Accordingly, to obtain the credit for apartment purchase, for example, in a high quality home with high ceilings and good on the area of the apartments in the house, but built, say, in the beginning of the century, for the buyer can be problematic. The exceptions are secondary apartments of business class. Statistics "Avangard77" States that over the past year the number of mortgage transactions in this market segment have increased significantly. If in 2012, customers purchased only 13% with a mortgage loan, for the first half of 2013 the number of such clients was 45%. The company's research showed that the increase in the number of mortgage transactions is caused by the growth of interest of buyers to the modern credit programs for purchase of housing, and by improving the quality of the collateral.

"It should be noted that the apartments business class are generally "favorite" objects of Bank lending due to the perfect combination of high credit borrowers who purchase such housing, and high quality of the real estate. - says CEO "Avangard77" Alla Vishnevskaya. - Going from "economy" in a higher segment, secondary apartments of business class are becoming attractive for banks features." For comparison: the purchase of similar apartments in the same house, the Bank may, for objective reasons, to withhold the granting of a loan and approve it. Moreover, the chances of getting a "mortgage failure" of apartments that have fallen in the category of apartments of a business class, minimum: in practice, the company "Avangard77" such failures was not, while the "neighbors" on the landing of the economy, those odds are great.

"Many of our apartments before they were bought out and after alteration became apartments business class, had no chance to become "trustworthy" to the Bank - said Alla Vishnevskaya. – But after the apartment is fully pereplaniruemoe with the replacement of worn-out communications and the execution of all necessary documents, banks not willingly accept such apartments with high-quality collateral and without hesitation make loans".

Secondary apartment with exclusive renovation is a unique service from the company "MIEL-Brokerage"
Mar 15, 2013
The company "MIEL-Brokerage" managed to significantly increase the demand for second homes thanks to the extraordinary service: the company proposes to purchase second homes, completely ready for living. Apartment renovated and fully equipped.
Apartment with mortgage guarantee
Jun 28, 2013
The possibility of registration of mortgages is one factor that greatly increases the attractiveness of any property related to the residential sector. Specialists of the company "Avangard77", not the first year working in the field of realization of the objects of the secondary real estate market, it is seen that flat business class today are in high demand among buyers, and among the banks as a lucrative object of mortgage lending.
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