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Secondary market apartments business class

the Past 2012 was a turning point for most players of the secondary market of real estate. This is especially true of housing business class. The specialists of "Avangard77" - one of the major players in the field of real estate - note that one of the most important results of last year became active transition secondary housing business class in a separate segment of the Moscow market, where "work" the rules of the game and has formed its own audience of consumers.

The formation of segment of the secondary market housing business class was quite active. There are a number of economic reasons, and several reasons of purely psychological nature.

First of all, it is impossible not to pay attention to the fact that since 2010 have sharply decreased construction of new homes within the boundaries of old Moscow. Construction activity fell in the most prestigious areas of the capital. The construction of housing business class in Moscow is, as a rule, South West and Western districts of the capital. Central district still can compete with the Western sector in a number of existing projects, but clearly losing to him in the field of construction volumes. In addition, the projects developed in the Central district of Moscow, not so large as in the South-West of the capital. Buildings are concentrated in the middle part of the district, which also narrows the choice of housing business class.

Of course, buyers are not as huge selection, and virtually no opportunity to acquire housing business class in the primary market. Indeed, from the point of view of his location options in new satisfied customers not always. They need to be able to geographic selection, variability. And this can only be ensured by the secondary housing business class.

It is worth to note that the Western and Central districts of Moscow and in demand amongst those buyers who wish to find housing of sufficient level on the secondary market. Statistics of sales of a large real estate Agency "Avangard77" shows that in the segment of the secondary housing business class in the total volume of transactions of purchase and sale on the Central administrative district of capital accounted for about 44% of transactions. A similar number of transactions were concluded in the South-Western and Western districts (by population). In other districts of the transaction also was recorded, including secondary apartments of business class in the South-East and East of Moscow, in regions practically do not use customer's demand.

Secondary apartments of business class have become particularly popular not only because of changes in construction and economic spheres, but also for several economic reasons. Modern consumers have their own characteristics that significantly differentiate them from buyers who attended the market in the pre-crisis period. The trappings of success, few people are interested. Expensive, but meaningless most of the "bells and whistles" of infrastructure, high footage, the pomposity of the architecture - is not in demand today. More and more buyers come to the purchase of housing as a practical Europeans. And here the main role will take over the economic feasibility of the acquisition, rationalism.

Even before the economic crisis many buyers trying to find housing in the primary market, were willing to invest in the future apartment immediately during the laying of the Foundation pit of the future house, to wait for 3-4 years of completion of construction and commissioning of the house. This approach allowed to purchase housing in Moscow at an affordable price.

Today buyers are more interested in ready-made housing. Though still, they are trying to be interested in the quality of the apartments, their practicality, reliability, comfort. But to wait for "a better life" already very few people is ready. Such findings do many experts.

Many experts also draw attention to the fact that the buyers of apartments business class in the secondary market has changed marital status. In 2011, more than 30% of buyers of second homes were single people. Today, the apartment business-a class "for itself" are only 18% of buyers. But the number of couples entering into a transaction of sale has increased by 6% and now stands at the end of 2012, 53%. Tend to buy housing on the secondary market and parents for their children: the demand of this type for the last year grew by almost 10%.

Experts of the company "Ownward M" operating on the Moscow real estate market, pay attention to the fact that earlier buyers with sufficient enthusiasm accepted offers for the purchase of property in new developing areas of Moscow (the cost of square meters in areas such as, below). Today most buyers focused on the purchase of apartments in the secondary market in areas that are already well formed and existed for a year. Often attract consumer attention apartments on Prospekt Vernadskogo, Moscow, Pyreva, Mosfilmovskaya. Demand housing in the area of Kutuzovsky and Leninsky avenues. Popular among customers and prospect Vernadskogo.

Experts say that modern man is when choosing area of residence trying to focus on the historically established areas, because he sees in them a degree of economic stability, psychological comfort. However, in these areas, proposals for the sale of apartments business class quite a lot.

Please note that today "Avangard77" occupies in the market of secondary apartments of business class leading position. We are ready to offer buyers a wide range of housing options in the prestigious Moscow areas, in homes with high comfort. Many of the apartments have modern alterations, legitimate for all types of documents. Turning to us for purchasing of housing, you bet on the reliability, stability and confidence in the future.

Apartment with two bedrooms is irrelevant?
Aug 07, 2013
Experts of the company "Avangard77" found that the number of prisoners in 2012, transactions for the purchase of one-bedroom apartments was 23.5%. At the same time significantly increased the demand for apartments with three bedrooms: the number of transactions on acquisition of such housing in 2012 was 23.5%.
Why business prefers apartments with two bedrooms?
Sep 17, 2013
If we estimate the number of transactions in the housing market in recent years, it can be assumed that the demand for one-bedroom apartments and Studio apartments has increased markedly. Simultaneously, decreased the number of transactions on acquisition of two-, three-, four-room apartments. Experts of the company "Avangard77" interested in this trend and decided to hold in this area a detailed study. The result was obtained that showed the unevenness of the predominance of "odnushek" on multi-room apartments in various segments of the Metropolitan areas real estate.
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