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"Stalinkas" losing popularity

experts say the Russian real estate market, in recent years, the demand for apartments in Stalin houses falls: these apartments are in many ways inferior to modern residential complexes. The price expectations of sellers Stalin's real estate not being met and they are forced to reduce cost to 10-20%.

It would seem that only 10-20 years ago, Stalin's home was considered the standard of comfortable accommodation. Recently, however, "Stalinka" began to take their positions, giving way to the niche as a leader in this area of modern residential complexes.

"Stalin" in the people called houses that were built in 30-50-ies of the last century. Most of these sites is located within the Garden ring. Among the most famous skyscrapers is worth mentioning such objects as building on Kudrinskaya square, embankment, houses on Leningradsky, Leninsky, Kutuzovsky prospectus, on the Frunze embankment, on the prospect of Peace.

Among the distinctive characteristics of Stalinist buildings, you can allocate very high ceilings (3.2 m - 4.5 m). In addition, in these apartments all the rooms are insulated to meet Suite here is almost impossible. The advantages of "stalinok" may also include thick load-bearing walls, the thickness of which is approximately 2-3 times the thickness of the walls in panel houses.

Can be found in the Stalinist homes and small apartments, area of which starts from 24 sq. m. But usually the size of one-bedroom apartments starts from 29-35 sq. m. two-bedroom apartments range from 58 to 70 square meters But spacious apartments, area of which exceeded 100 sq. m., in the Stalinist homes almost impossible to find, if you have not made changes.

According to Alexey Shlenova, General Director of group of companies "MIEL-Brokerage", all of Stalin's houses can be divided into two types. The first type is a brick five-story building, which are located in industrial parts of the city. As a rule, in this case we are talking about small apartments with small kitchens up to 6 sq. m. the second type include homes with spacious kitchens (7-10 sqm and more), with the "back door", with rooms for servants and so on.

If you rely on data provided by Guild of realtors of the capital, to the share of apartments in "Stalinka" accounts for 7-12% of the total volume of offerings on the market today. Experts of real estate Agency "Maitre Rocher West" suggests that the average cost of one square meter in the Stalinist homes ranges from 6 to 20 thousand dollars, depending on the location of the house, from the type of property.

Cons of stalinki: lack of Parking, narrow Windows, worn out
Analysts of the Moscow Guild of realtors suggests that the cost of apartments in Stalin houses were significantly higher - on average by 30%. However, in some cases at the time of the transaction, the price may fall by 10-20%.

Thus, it should be noted that in many ways "Stalinka" lose the new consumer features of Stalin's houses is significantly lower, according to the experts, than commensurate with the value of the estate of comfort class.

Artem Artyukhov, Director of development real estate Agency "Maitre Rocher West", suggests that when you purchase an apartment in the Stalin house about such benefits like underground Parking, Central air, freight Elevator and so on, you can not even dream of. Moreover, in most cases, it is also about worn out communications. Find apartments with panoramic Windows - high ceilings with narrow Windows side by side. With regard to the high cost, it is motivated solely by the location, the prestige and historic significance of the building.

Alexei shlyonov adds that in today's market of real estate the supply of apartments in Stalin houses greatly exceeds demand. The most demanded among buyers of three-bedroom apartment in "Stalin", as they boast plenty of space, square footage. But small apartments demand small, as the living conditions in these flats do not meet requirements for comfortable housing with modern buyers.

Roman Vikhlyantsev, Director of real estate activities of the company "Prostor", member of expert Council of the Moscow Guild of realtors, said that in the Stalin houses of the floors may be concrete (if we are talking about renovated homes), and wood, and mixed. In Stalin's early houses built on wooden boards, usually laid asphalt. If we talk about the environmental component of such technology, it should be noted that it leaves much to be desired. It's like that to fall asleep every night, putting a pillow under the mercury from the thermometer. In addition, many floors are made with shingles. This means that if repairs in the apartment will have to pour the concrete, changing the floors.

Oksana Diveevo, Director of the Blackwood company and the Department for residential property sales, adds that many sellers today are wrong, considering that buyers will be willing to pay for the "history" of Stalinist buildings. Every year these buyers becomes smaller. Usually apartments in Stalin houses acquire those who could not buy an apartment in a luxury building, or those who plan to take the property for rent.

Rare species
However, according to Oksana Diveevo, a unique location of the building today is still in demand. The value of these properties are often overpriced, however it's justified. For example, Kutuzovsky Prospekt offered for sale apartment with an area of 77 sq. m. for 1.07 million dollars (per sq. m. 14 000 USD), however in this case, the cost is justified by the beautiful view on the Hill of respectful salutation from the window.

Managing partner of the office of the "University" of the company "MIEL" Alla Vishnevskaya tells the story about an Italian businessman who works in Moscow for several years. Within 2 years the businessman was made Secretary to see newspaper ads and websites, trying to find the offer on sale of apartments in the skyscraper on the Kotelnicheskaya embankment. Literally 2 months ago the man has achieved his goal, bought in this house apartment and have already started repair work.

According to Vishnevskaya, a Stalin-era building are small market segment that does not expand (for obvious reasons), and therefore stable demand for stalinki will always be. Among the potential buyers of such real estate there are those who want to live in a particular district of Moscow, and there are simply fans of a particular architectural style, ready to sacrifice comfort for the opportunity to live in the famous "Stalin project".

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