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The art of balance in the real estate market

Achieved a balance of supply and demand in the secondary housing market business-class is characterized by resistance to economic shocks. This conclusion experts of the company "Avangard77" supported by appropriate facts and figures.

The state of equilibrium of the market occurs when the equality of supply and demand. In real estate, constantly shaken by crises, fluctuations, changing patterns of demand, managed to reach balance only in the segment of secondary housing business class.

Experts at leading Moscow real estate companies "Avangard77" working successfully in this area, analyzed the situation and made a very optimistic conclusions.

Appearing not more than 5 years ago and with a share close to 1%, this segment surprisingly quickly adapted to market realities and has reached stability. In the case of uniqueness of objects: at the same time in the capital offered for sale not more than 100 apartments with a total cost of $ 2.3 billion.

Apartments in the secondary segment of housing business class — piece goods. All the features of the property adjusted to the requirements of specific target audience. This is done so. In the prestigious historical district of the capital, in a solid, quality-built home you select spacious apartment with great panoramic views and a convenient location. Housing sold the property to a realtor, and the company holds in it exclusive designer renovation turnkey with redevelopment. Only then will the finished product appears on the market. This sequence of work with each object allows responsive to all changes in demand, offering customers exactly what they need at the moment.

The target audience of this segment is very specific, and prefers unique offers mass product. Along with the General evaluation criteria property size, layout and level of comfort, great value for such customers is the location of the building, a special aura of the area, the historical value of the buildings, the neighborhood is known memorable places of the capital and the harmony of the interior with the architectural style of the house.

Work on the renovation and repair of housing is not typical for realtors, so the number of companies operating in this segment are limited, as are limited and the number of apartments on the secondary market, the relevant parameters of housing business class. But at the same time, the potential of the capital property will allow for a long time to satisfy customer demand. Wanting to buy these flats is enough to keep this segment stable level of prices.

Predictions Alla Vishnevskaya, the General Director of company "Avangard77", form a serene confidence in the future of this segment. As the demand for this type of apartments has been stable even during the crisis, there are all prerequisites in order in the near future, and distant future this segment of real estate is not out of balance condition even under market fluctuations.

Buy apartments in business class on the secondary market: it is time to change tactics
Oct 18, 2013
The post-crisis period on the capital's real estate market was the time of the "dictatorship of the buyer". The trends have changed, the market has stabilized and customers of realtors it is time to change your tactics when buying a home. Increased demand allowed the sellers to take a stronger position and not to surrender under the pressure of their customers, keeping prices at the same level.
Seasonality in the secondary housing market business-class
Oct 21, 2013
Seasonality characteristic of the real estate market, is not as relevant as before. The activity of buyers less dependent on the seasons, although, according to experts of the company "Avangard77" (GC "MIEL"), a definite link between customer demand and for months remained on the secondary housing market business-class. Understanding the reasons for the surge of interest in real estate this type, it is possible with high probability to predict sales.
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