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The current priorities of buyers in the category of "parents for children"

the Desire of parents to provide their children with housing today is not uncommon. Moreover, consumers of the category "parents-children" have significant influence on formation of the market of real estate business class. When choosing they were governed by specific criteria, which in recent times has changed dramatically.

Recently there have been two types of consumers in the category of "parents-children". Some rented accommodations for their grown-up children, others have bought an apartment on prospect, investing in construction. The second option was favorable because, while children are growing, housing is built, expensive apartment. After the construction of the apartment can be rented, and when the child becomes self – give the estate at his disposal. Such a scheme practiced almost all parents who could afford to purchase housing.

Today things have changed. Now parents increasingly prefer to buy housing, which can be implanted immediately. This option seems more reliable. The dwelling is bought now, it can be rent, until the child grew up, and to get additional profit. Moreover, the rental market is actively developing today, allowing owners to receive significant profit.

Also housing for the future recently stopped in great demand because of often arising problems with new buildings. The construction was frozen in the early stages, and for years people waited for the promised apartment. And when you consider that the cost of apartments in Moscow and Moscow region gradually decreases, it is possible to acquire housing with no risk is preferable to wait years for the completion of construction with no guarantee that it will be completed on time. Investing in a ready-made housing, you can be confident in their safety. In the end, you can wait higher prices on the property attached and return by selling the property. And the contribution of money in the construction is always fraught with the risk that the funds frozen for an indefinite period of time.

Also changed the trends in consumer behaviour. Previously, if parents wanted to buy their kids a new home, but today more and more pay attention to the flat business-class secondary market. The growing popularity of these apartments was in 2011. Then the number of people willing to buy them amounted to 20%, in 2012 this figure has already reached 29%. The most popular are one-bedroom apartments, area of which is approximately 40-70 sq. m. of these Studio apartments is a one bedroom after remodeling.
Two bedroom apartments with a total area of 80-110 square meters also in demand. Given that in the future the child will have a family and a Studio apartment will be small, parents prefer to provide comfortable and spacious accommodation. For buyers on the program "parents-children" is the most significant criterion is the readiness of the apartment for residence. Basically they are trying to purchase a house already made repairs. Another important factor is the time of the transaction: the smaller it is, the better for the buyer. apartments in the secondary market just fulfill all these requirements, because it is fair to expect increased demand for this type of property.

Apartment with mortgage guarantee
Jun 28, 2013
The possibility of registration of mortgages is one factor that greatly increases the attractiveness of any property related to the residential sector. Specialists of the company "Avangard77", not the first year working in the field of realization of the objects of the secondary real estate market, it is seen that flat business class today are in high demand among buyers, and among the banks as a lucrative object of mortgage lending.
"Business class" is increasingly interested in Studio apartments
Jul 02, 2013
In two and a half fold increase in the percentage of one-bedroom apartments in the total number of home sales of business class last year (we are talking about the secondary market). These data were presented by the company "Avangard77", which is included in group of companies "MIEL" and specializes in working in this segment of the market.
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