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The market of Russian real estate investment is gaining momentum

investment in domestic real estate every year is steadily increasing. The existence of this tendency is confirmed by many experts, including Darrell Stanaford, managing Director CB Richard Ellis. Specialist reports an increase in activity of both Russian and Western investors, and calls the city, which is both the most popular. Them is Moscow.

Stanaford shared with modern domestic investors active in the real estate market into two categories, by referring to the first private entrepreneurs have accumulated tools in the course of his business, the second – large domestic corporations, which public and private property. Investors first category are guided by the desire to protect their capital from volatile markets and to invest in real estate. Enterprises, which constitute the second category, most often as end-user real estate. One example is the purchase of real estate by Corporation "Rosnano" for the organization's own headquarters.

Foreign investors are also present in the overall picture of demand for Russian real estate, occupying, however, only the fourth and yielding to domestic pension funds and certain other investors (they are, respectively, rank third).

Managing Director of CB Richard Ellis says: there are objective factors that allow to predict confidently the growth of investment in the Russian real estate market. One such factor is the understanding of potential investors of the fact that every year the price of residential and non-residential property increases – which means that the effect on investment, which is possible at the present time, in the future will already be unattainable. The expert emphasizes that the upward trend in prices is clearly apparent not only in Russia (particularly in Moscow), but also in many other cities around the world – London, Paris, Prague, Warsaw and others.

Darrell Stanaford, speaking on behalf of the company, which he controls, argues that the decision to invest in Russian real estate to be taken in our days is, of course, correct. The specialist suggests that the price growth will continue within the nearest five-year cycle. However Stanaford warns potential investors from purchasing space in empty office buildings, located on the outskirts of Moscow. Speaking of the regions of Russia, managing Director States: from the point of view of modern investor of them (except St. Petersburg), almost no interest.

The term return on investment, which, according to Stanaford, should focus, today, is from 3 to 6-7 years, and that obviously depends on the location of the property, its area, status, and other relevant factors. Most promising are high-quality apartments with good location in the center of Moscow.

Elite districts of Moscow
Sep 24, 2010
The luxury housing market of Moscow in recent years is developing quite actively: increased buying activity, prices on this segment of real estate, however, there is still some lack of output on the primary market of elite real estate.
Apartment with finishing work on the expansion of demand
Oct 27, 2010
For construction companies, however, flat with rough and fine finish are good and help meet growing consumer demand. Attractive the property becomes to the citizens, do not have desire and time to conduct additional repairs and to investors purchasing housing for subsequent rental.
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