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The Moscow real estate market: valuation professionals

What is business class housing in the secondary market?
General Director of "Avangard77" Alla Vishnevskaya notes: in the Russian capital highlighted the special type of operations – purchase and sale of apartments business-class aftermarket. About newly built buildings here. On the contrary, sought after apartments in the pretty old houses built decades ago. Independent this market segment began to grow in 2007, and with the crisis have stabilized, settled, and began to steadily expand. Last year the total number of such housing in the Moscow market has doubled.

Has increased the price of one square meter in such apartments. However, they have to literally sell instantly: if in Moscow the average housing sold within 3-4 months, then, say, an apartment in "Stalin" the house finds a buyer already in 1-1,5 months. What exactly is a housing business class in the secondary market? Generally speaking, this "kopeck piece" in a brick house, built in the 50-ies. The area of this apartment – 55-60 square meters, height of ceilings-3 meters. All rooms recently renovated for a design project, there is modern comfortable furniture. Location of the house – those recognized prestige.

General Director of "Avangard77" notes: now the number of such proposals is not so great – only 1-2% of the volume realized in such areas of housing. For example, at the moment in the capital ready for the implementation of only 100 apartments of this type. But on the other hand, a year ago this figure was only 50.

Despite the modest number of objects of the secondary housing business class in Moscow, through this segment is a huge financial flow. Today it is 2.3 billion rubles. Basically, operations with this property relate to the Frunzenskaya embankment, Kutuzovsky prospect, as well as areas around the two metro stations – "the Falcon" and "University".

The apartments are small – the great demand
Director of project "Est-a-Tet" Vladimir Morabis I am convinced that today in the Moscow region there has been a clear trend of decreasing area of housing in new buildings. And indeed, before the financial crisis, the size of the new "odnushki" has reached 50-55 square meters. In our days, this figure dropped to 40-45, and speaking of the towns of the Moscow region – to 35-33 square meters. With a decrease in the area of the apartment decreases its price, which is why today is so great a demand for "budget" options. Such small flats are sold out first. However, this huge demand leads to the increase of prices. In the end, a small "odnushku" can already compete on cost with a much more spacious two-bedroom apartment.

Who is the buyer of a small apartment? Vladimir Morabis notices that the majority of these young people previously living with parents or rented their homes from the owners, i.e. those who leave in "free swimming" and who need to start somewhere. The size of housing does not play for them, matter, because they have not yet started a family.

Moreover, such small-sized housing demand among investors as an object of investment. This is proven by the statistics: if other objects of the housing market of Moscow attract 5-7% of the investment, the segment of small apartments brings about 20%.

Rental housing: what New Moscow worse than the old one?
Here is the opinion of the head of the rental apartments the company "INKOM-real Estate" Galina Kiseleva. She says: today Moscow is twice as attractive to tenants of apartments, rather than the suburbs. Despite the fact that a part of the regional land more than 2 months attached to Moscow, still the demand for rental housing is small there. Applications for selection of apartments continue to focus on the capital. Seeking accommodation in "old" Moscow does not stop even the high prices that are 7, or even 10 thousand rubles higher than the cost of renting similar apartments in Moscow.

What is the reason? First of all the lack of attractive jobs. Decent career so far is able to provide only capital. Which means the tenant of a house in the suburbs threatens the future every day to spend a lot of time on the road to work and back. In addition, the infrastructure of the territories of New Moscow yet developed much weaker capital. That's why in 2 months the official expansion of Moscow's territorial requests for rental housing have not changed. Partly the point here is that the rental market itself is inert. It is much more "sluggish" than the flexible market of sale. Galina Kiselyov is convinced that the situation will change as the "habitation" of New Moscow, and the process is difficult. Therefore, even the most favorable forecasts here vary from 5 to 10 years.

Today the share of rental apartments in New Moscow – only 5% of the total market volume of this segment. And to rent an apartment in New Moscow no later than 30 kilometers from the Moscow ring road costs about 24 thousand rubles.

A new niche in the secondary housing market
Aug 29, 2012
"Business class on the secondary housing market" - a new niche on the Moscow real estate market, is developing very actively, and even rapidly. The formation of a new niche on the Moscow real estate market began five years ago, however, the characteristic features of this trend finally took shape only after the crisis - since that time, existing home sales, the business class is steadily increasing.
Apartment with views of the waterfront
Dec 03, 2012
Buying an apartment - it is certainly a joyous event. However, responsible. The apartment is not a cleaner that you can optionally in the shop to replace a different model: sell the apartment, can to take a lot of time, not to mention the fact that not always possible without financial losses. So, if you are going to buy an apartment, you need to pay attention to many factors. And it's not just the cost housing, not only the footage, availability of balcony, repair, but it is also the location of the property, the view from the window.
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