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The most relevant property of the Moscow South-West district

According to statistics, SWAD over the past several years remains in the top three in the demand for capital estate. The only competitors South-West district remain ZAO and CAO. Experts say that often the local demand for real estate exceeds supply. If we talk about the secondary market for luxury real estate, SWAD offers more than 11% of the sentences throughout the Russian capital. According to "MIEL-offices of real estate", the highest demand property in South Butovo (over 14%). The second most popular is Konkovo (10,5%), which is only 0.2% plays Obuchowski. 9.3% of sentences all the South-Western district of the capital account on the Warm Camp, a little less demand Lomonosov and Gagarin counties (8.9 percent). Statistics show that the least popular areas remain zyuzino (4,7%) and Northern Butovo (2,9%).

According to Tatyana Saksonava, managing partner of "MIEL-offices of real estate", South-Western administrative district is not accidental is very popular. The fact that this region is still considered the best place for travelers of the intelligentsia. SWAD is characterized by well-developed social infrastructure and transport accessibility. There is easy access to any object in Moscow and the Moscow region, it uses a different transport, including the metro, taxis and buses.

The smallest offer, as you might expect, accounts for large apartments (more than five rooms). The widest selection of presents for those potential buyers who are looking for a two-bedroom apartment: more than a third of the market of real estate deals in the South-West accounts for this type of housing. 33.1% of the market proposals in South-West Autonomous district accounted for two bedroom apartments. And one-room apartments on the secondary market in this region, only 16.3 per cent. Specialists of the research Department of "MIEL-offices of real estate" argue that in the lower price segment the average cost of one square meter of housing in the South is 170 000.

As for the type of buildings, more than 50% of apartments sold in prefabricated houses. On a brick building in the last quarter of 2012 accounted for less than a quarter of proposals. In any case, the South-Western Autonomous Okrug is the most popular among families with children. According to statistics, SWAD on prices per square meter of housing is second only to the Central and Western Autonomous region, however, the demand for local real estate always remains at a high level. Most likely, this trend will continue throughout 2013.


Apartments along the avenues
Jan 22, 2013
Is it worth to buy apartments in the houses located along main highways? This acquisition has brought both benefits and disadvantages. A significant plus of such housing – the ability to quickly move on to the main road of the capital. This is especially valuable for those who work in the city centre. On the other hand, proximity to a major traffic "arteries" is exhaust fumes and the noise of the movement of the sleepless metropolis. The company "MIEL-offices of real estate" conducted a study of the price range of apartments near major avenues of Moscow. In result, we found out the maximum and minimum value of such property.
A return to small size
Jan 30, 2013
Every square meter in the Moscow region costs a lot, so the people deciding the housing problem today, try to save money by reducing living space. Sometimes small apartments enough for a comfortable life, so spending money on extra square footage, it seems irrational.
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