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The ranking of the most expensive homes of Moscow

Thanks to the published rating of the most expensive real estate in the capital, wealthy people who want to buy an apartment and for whom price is a secondary issue, it is now much easier to navigate in the market of elite apartments in Moscow.

The rating of luxury housing in the city led by: the house is located in the Pozharsky lane, located at Great Gnezdikovsky pereulok 3, as well as a 12-story building on Malaya Bronnaya street.

The author of the rating, very popular for those who want to buy an apartment, is a popular Russian magazine Forbes. Having spent more than 90 thousand different proposals for the sale, the editors have identified the top 100 most expensive homes of Moscow.

The first place among luxury housing deservedly got the house, located at Pozharsky lane, 11. This seven-story brick building today has the highest cost of housing - 47,8 thousand dollars for one square meter. The dimensions of the property sold here is substantially different. You can buy an apartment with an area of 81 sq m, but you can find a more spacious option with an area of 400 squares.

The second position was awarded to a monolithic structure, located on Malaya Bronnaya, 44. In this twelve-storey house the cost of housing represents 44.8 thousand dollars per square meter. The apartment is spacious enough, there are options from 123 to 273 sq. m.

Third in the list is a six-storey monolithic house, located at a Large Gnezdnikovsky pereulok, 3 that in the area of Tverskaya street. Here you can buy an apartment with repair, ranging from 118 to 290 square meters for the price of 41,3 thousand dollars per square meter.

Tenth place in the ranking went seven-story brick home, located at the address: Malaya Molchanovka, 8, building 1. In this house the cost per square meter of housing is 33.8 thousands of dollars. Well, the most recent in the top 100 of the most elite apartments in Moscow is the house in which one square metre, the buyer will need to pay 16.6 thousand dollars.

According to the magazine Forbes, for the past month the price of luxury housing in Moscow decreased significantly. Just a month ago, the last place in the ranking was occupied by the house, which cost a couple thousand dollars per square meter higher than today.

It is also worth noting that in the last months of 2009 from analysts reported that since the beginning of the crisis the cost of elite housing in Moscow decreased significantly. On average, a square meter of housing in new buildings has lost 19 percent of its value, for apartments of the secondary market the figure was 15 percent. The experts noted that in addition to the cost, has reduced and offers residential property sales. Especially a significant decline observed in the market of new buildings. Here the number of proposals fell by almost three times. At the end of 2009 of expensive apartments was put on sale in 1100, and that only 13 percent of all bids on the real estate market.

The expert forecasts that the value of luxury homes will decline even more, did not materialize. Comfortable apartment in downtown Moscow is not only cheaper, but also cost significantly more.

In October 2009, analysts of company Blackwood is also the rating of the most expensive housing in Moscow, which at that time there was a sale. The resulting list was topped by the apartment in new building, located in the residential complex "Copernicus", on Bolshaya Yakimanka street. The cost of the apartment was very high and reached the amount of almost $ 50 million. When the total area of the housing 535 square meter cost per square amounted to more than 93 thousand dollars.

In 2010 is expected to rise in luxury housing
Dec 29, 2009
According to the statement of the press service Department, in late 2010 it is expected that new jump of the prices for luxury properties. However, it is only about the primary market of the Russian capital. This trend is explained by the fact that at the moment the vast majority of objects is under construction. About 75% of residential complexes, construction of which started several years ago, will be commissioned in late 2010. The number of transactions in the primary market of sale and purchase is 40-50 per month. At the same time the proposal will remain at the same level as in 2009 – about 1.2 thousand apartments.
Elite housing in Moscow is expensive
Jan 20, 2010
The luxury real estate market of the capital has overcome the crisis caused by the stage of waiting for potential customers and in late 2009 began to show signs of activity.
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