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The secondary housing market of Moscow and Moscow region: proposals are getting smaller!

Most experts in the secondary housing market of Moscow and adjacent territories at the time agreed that the development of this industry in the post-crisis period has changed considerably. One of the reasons – it is the lack of sufficient supply in the primary market. If you compare the volume of apartments offered for sale in the middle of spring and early summer of 2011, the overall figure has decreased by approximately 14%. But, despite this, significantly increased the number of apartments, whether it is an apartment with or without repair, which are sold for the first time – in percentage terms, they represented nearly 30% of the total supply, and it is a lot.

If the interest buying apartments in the secondary market, it was worth to pay attention to some changes in pricing policy: according to statistics, since the beginning of 2011 and until may the cost of the Moscow apartments has increased by about 1% to 170.8 rubles per sq. m. Price in dollars increased at that time by approximately 2% per month. This trend was typical for almost all areas of Moscow, regardless of the administrative district. Although some local features were observed – the largest increase was characteristic for South West, South-Eastern and North-Eastern districts.

Has become more expensive any free apartment, regardless of the type of housing: brick "Khrushchev" monolithic multi-storey houses or improved panel objects. Prices increased and on two bedroom apartments (approximately 1.2%), while dwellings with more rooms became cheaper by 0.5%. Next came a period of increasing demand for housing in the secondary market, even though average prices on various items increased by 1%. Some representatives of the Moscow realtor companies were confident that in the near future ready apartment will cost even more.

The territory of the Moscow region also experienced significant changes in terms of development of the secondary residential property market as the capital. The cost of second homes began to decrease, the only exceptions were those cities and towns, located not far from Moscow. Here, the house was offered at an average price of 84.8 thousand rubles per 1 sq. m. In the month of may can be traced the fall in the value of apartments in the suburbs, and as a consequence, proposals have been significantly reduced.

An agreement on cooperation with Joint-stock Commercial Bank "FORA-BANK"
Jun 15, 2011
The company "MIEL-Brokerage" shaped for their clients instant service to determine the creditworthiness. Thanks to a new program exactly after 3 hours of abstract thought of credit turn into real plans. This is made possible through the combined efforts of the company with CJSC JSCB "FORA-BANK" - an experienced professional mortgage lending of citizens to buy apartments.
Green living in Moscow
Jul 11, 2011
With its inner-city factories and car-crammed streets, Moscow is not best known for its ecological cleanliness.
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