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The shortage of apartments in new buildings covers resale

Pretty high demand for flat business-class Central administrative Okrug of Moscow not declining for several years. Thanks to the researches of specialists of the company "Avangard77", it becomes apparent that the supply of housing, available and emerging in the primary market, cannot meet the current demand in full. Due to the lack of new apartments, some buyers are forced to seek housing on the secondary real estate market. Ie resale today partly helps to eliminate a deficit supply of apartments business class existing on the primary market.

Calculations show that a tenth of the demand for flat business-class new buildings in the Central administrative district. Just as much a part of the total volume of proposals of apartments in the projects under construction in the Central part of Moscow. Accordingly, the proposal in theory it should completely cover the existing market demand. However, in practice it is hampered by a number of factors.

First, in the last two years have seen an increase in the price of housing business class in the new buildings, located in the Central part of the capital. Today's average market price above that which was two years ago, 30%: now the square meter of such housing is almost 9 thousand dollars. If we compare this figure with the cost of housing in the real estate market of the Western district, it appears that the price per square meter in the centre above 3 thousand. Moreover, in the Western district the volume of supply of such properties is 19%.

Secondly, the vast majority of apartments in the business class new buildings in the centre of the capital at the moment, are already in almost ready condition, at the final stage of construction. This means that most of the most profitable and relatively affordable apartments are already sold out. This situation leads to the fact that consumers are initially configured for the purchase of a new apartment business class in the center, forced even if there are proposals to look for suitable housing on the secondary market.

The facts are confirmed by statistical data which has been received as a result of research of experts of the company "Avangard77" that operate on the secondary real estate market.

In the evaluation of all transactions entered into by the company in 2012, revealed that 44% of them had apartments in the Central DISTRICT, 26% apartments, located in the South-West, 18% in West district. This outcome was summed up Alla Vishnevskaya, the General Director "Avangard77".

Experts believe that in the near future the most perspective are apartments in CAO business class. With new projects in CAD are rare, for example, for the last time in this segment was announced only one of them.

The capital administration is set to a significant reduction in developments that will result in increased demand for secondary apartments of business class. This segment of the market has had time to build up a stable circle of customers who prefer accommodation in the city centre, fully adapted for living.

Today, the company "Avangard77" is one of the organizations working with secondary apartments of business class in the houses of the increased comfort in the center of the capital. In addition, the company offers apartment turnkey, remodeling design projects, developed on an individual basis. Flats transferred to their owners with a full package of documents confirming the legality of the undertaken redevelopment.

Moscow secondary housing market business-class European-stable
Jul 18, 2013
Draw a line under the first quarter of 2013 on the Moscow real estate market. In the analysis of the results was attended by experts of the company "Avangard77" group of companies "MIEL". They emphasized a clear tendency to stability in the segment of the secondary housing business class (as well as in many other segments). The market situation began to stabilize in mid-2012. Today this balance has become particularly sustainable.
The basis for flat business-class aftermarket
Jul 19, 2013
Today, new buildings business class in Moscow is one of the most popular types of real estate. But now there is an active demand for secondary apartments of the same type. They appear as a result of modernization and improvement of housing obsolete houses. Of course, it takes a lot of money, but in the end, the price of this apartment is increased by 45-50%. As emphasized by many owners of such property, such property is not just worth it, and justifies the investment, as it has a number of advantages. But that all costs were not in vain and the apartment of the secondary market was no worse than a new building, it is necessary to prepare a good base that meets all modern requirements.
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