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Tradition capital real estate

Who are interested in capital estate today?
The company "MIEL-Brokerage" conducted a study, which were obtained very interesting data. It turns out that more than 30% of buyers of apartments in Moscow are not Muscovites. Moreover, such a trend was observed not only in this year, but earlier. Sale of apartments in the fall of 2008 almost in every third case was not the Muscovite and the inhabitant of the region. Due to the high cost of housing, especially apartments in the center of Moscow, during the crisis the percentage of regional buyers has fallen sharply, and to the original indicators which were observed before the crisis, was able to return only in the summer of 2010.

After the crisis has passed, has grown significantly sale of apartments belonging to the so-called "student" of real estate. In this category are flats that are purchased for visiting students or for young families of their parents. Today in this real estate are very interested buyers of Tatarstan, Bashkortostan and Northern regions.

The General Director of company "MIEL-Brokerage" Alexei shlenov explained that this situation is now again a growing interest in the purchase of apartments in Moscow is not for living but to invest money in something promising. For example, a person wants to buy an apartment in the capital, but to live in it is not going to, at least not yet. Actually this decision is very deliberate and from an investment point of view true, as today the estate in the capital and even apartments in the center of Moscow are not the highest cost, which it could be. Regional buyer acquires the capital's housing in the Executive order or on a future for his family.


A time of change
Jul 05, 2010
Despite the permanent crisis in our country, the real estate market constantly there are new projects of apartment houses, however, even among such a solid and respectable residential segment as "Premium" and "Deluxe". However, individual projects of a new type of bit had to change his concept.
How much is a view of the Kremlin
Jul 13, 2010
Experts Metropolitan real estate market in their forecasts regarding the growth of housing prices in the near future is unambiguous, however, stress that growth will not be stable — it will be different not only for different industries, but will depend on the quality of the finished properties. And it is the quality of real estate will be given a determining role in the formation of prices per square meter.
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