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Where the expats live well

recently on the Moscow real estate market can observe a rapid growth of the market of rent of elite habitation. Experts say about the connection of this growth with the influx of qualified foreign professionals, top managers.

About the attractiveness of Russia for foreigners

According to the ranking of the best cities in the world on ecology and quality of life on consulting company Mercer, Moscow is only 166th out of 221 cities. However, despite the fact that foreign financiers and politicians criticize our government for corruption, bad economy, and so forth, coming to Russia more and more new foreigners for doing business.

At the onset of the crisis the number of foreign managers and professionals in our country decreased, respectively, decreased and the demand for rental of elite real estate. However, in recent years, the demand recovered to the level of pre-crisis time, but even increased.

What property attracted foreign workers?

It is clear that when it comes to married couples, when choosing an apartment they focus mainly on infrastructure, the presence near the house kindergartens and special schools. The most attractive in this plan are apartments in the center of Moscow on the Arbat, Patriarch's Ponds, in the Meadow, and Clean ponds. Outside the Garden ring popular areas are the Falcon, Krylatskoe, South-West of Moscow.

Aside from the district, and to pay attention to consumer preferences, demand 4-5-room apartment with quality repair, furniture. Rental rate the average is about 7 000 dollars in a month.

As for single professionals, managers, they are less demanding in this respect, choosing the apartment near the work place, fitness centers, Nightclubs, restaurants. This group is mainly interested in 2-3 bedroom apartment, decorated in European style. Rental rate ranges from 3-5 thousand dollars.

The duration of the lease is usually a year with possibility of subsequent prolongation. Average length of stay of a foreigner in Moscow, according to estimates of realtors - about two to three years.

However, representatives of recruitment agencies, the optimism of the realtors do not share, saying that they do not see neither inflow nor outflow of expats. The invitation of expats is rather expensive and time consuming process that requires obtaining of a work permit, quotas and so on. Not many Russian companies can afford such costs, and the needs in almost no foreigners. However, it is possible to speak about the increase in the number of resumes from expats that during the crisis forced left Russia and are now seeking to return.

Foreigners in the capital: study

the Specialists of Agency of elite real estate "Manor" amounted to the average foreign tenant.

35% of the total number of foreigners in Moscow are young single professionals aged 25-35: cooks in restaurants, teachers, doctors, journalists. They usually rent an apartment with several rooms for several people.

About 20 % of couples aged 40-43 years, usually talking about two or three children of preschool and school age. The same share of the total number of foreigners in Moscow is a narrow highly skilled professionals (no family, aged 35-38 years) - lawyers, financiers, and production technicians.

10% of employees of foreign embassies and families of two persons from 50 years whose children are already living separately. And, finally, 5% of foreigners do business in Moscow, Russia.

The real estate market experts note that in recent times, foreign tenants began to better understand the capital's real estate market, and place higher demands on the quality of housing.

How much is a view of the Kremlin
Jul 13, 2010
Experts Metropolitan real estate market in their forecasts regarding the growth of housing prices in the near future is unambiguous, however, stress that growth will not be stable — it will be different not only for different industries, but will depend on the quality of the finished properties. And it is the quality of real estate will be given a determining role in the formation of prices per square meter.
Realtors call evaluation criteria housing
Jul 21, 2010
In the capital's residential skyscrapers, the premium for the proximity to the clouds, starting from the 20th floor, is 300 to 1 thousand
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