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Jan 12, 2011

45 minutes to work?

the Analytical consulting centre of the group of companies "MIEL", based on the results of the recent survey, revealed a correlation between transport accessibility and attractiveness of new residential properties in Moscow and the Moscow region for the target segment of consumers.

Almost half of the respondents (43%) satisfied with the fact that on the road from the hotel to the centre of the capital, they will have to regularly spend a little over an hour (within 30-45 minutes). Less than a third of respondents (28%) believe that if they have to get to work from 46 minutes to an hour, then it can be considered a success. And quite a bit of potential home buyers (10%) responded that they are willing to spend on the way to the center from one hour to 75 minutes. Even fewer men and women (7%) stated that the trip to the office or enterprise shall not exceed 30 minutes. For approximately the same number of people (6%) the question was irrelevant because they do not work in Moscow and your stay in the Central part of the city, a little worried. It is significant that a minority, namely only 3% of respondents willing to travel up to 1.5 hours, and 2 % of respondents will not worry if they will spend even more time.

a Large part among people in plans in which the purchase of housing in the Moscow region, are representatives of the middle class. As a rule, the offices of the companies where they work, as well as public sector institutions are either located within the Garden ring of Moscow, or within the boundaries of the Third transport. Meanwhile, by far the most active construction of new housing is outside the ring road encircling the area as well as nearby cities. This means that potential new tenants will automatically be forced to become parties to commuting to the center of Moscow and back. The speed of their movement will depend on what type of transport they choose: personal or public.

due To the fact that in recent years traffic congestion has become a global and almost insoluble problem, for the residents of the middle suburbs in time and resources is much more economical to become the metro and the train. For example, to all key stations located in the Central part of the city on the subway can be reached in about ten minutes, and 15 minutes is quite feasible to cross the center completely. Even 30-45 minutes would be enough from the train station to get on the train in most residential areas outside the ring road to the nearby villages and towns. Spending on the road a little longer (45-60 minutes), it is realistic to cover a distance of 35-50 km, i.e. it is in fact to leave in the middle suburbs. The obvious conclusion: for a resident of the near and middle Moscow region commute to and from work on the subway and the train will take much less time. This, incidentally, is in most cases more than offsets the inconvenience of public transport.

According to Nikita Chulochnikov, head of Department of sociological researches of the consulting centre of the group of companies "MIEL", one of the few real solutions to the problem of transport accessibility to most parts of the Moscow region is a large-scale reconstruction of existing roads, transportation hubs, communications and close integration with the railway network and the subway, and highways, the construction of which is planned. To do today undervalued mode of transport (subway and train) are more in demand will allow the replacement of rolling stock with modern high-speed comfortable trains. The General Director of analytical consulting centre Vladislav Lutskov notes that such an approach will eventually allow to kill three birds with one stone, T. E. to improve accessibility to the suburbs, to unload the Moscow roads and increase the attractiveness of new housing in remote areas of the capital and beyond.

how much time you would like to get to the new place of permanent residence to work in Moscow and back?

Trends in primary and secondary real estate markets in 2010
Dec 27, 2010
"ASC MIEL" has provided the following summary on the Moscow real estate in the primary market: last month of the year brought no changes from the point of view of volume of supply (this figure is still $ 273). For the full year the volume of supply decreased by 15.7 %.
The holidays are over, and holiday promotions - not yet
Jan 21, 2011
New year and Christmas holidays have passed, but special offers from group of companies "MIEL" for the purchase of cottages in country villages will be in effect until January 31. During this time you have the opportunity not only to buy a cottage at a discount, but also get a gift (it can be landscape design or a design project of your cottage from top-level professionals).
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