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Jun 01, 2010

"A gold mine" near: bought, repaired, sold

a Survey of real estate companies showed that even in the complete stagnation of the market "secondary" apartment with a ready repair remain in high demand. Perhaps this service will become normal, even for ordinary apartments. It is possible, if stagnation will continue for another year. Paradoxically, by making the proposed housing, they revived sale.

Extreme suggestion
For capital the supply of housing with quality design repair and full or partial furnished – this is not news. For example, in the segment of new buildings a few years ago the Ledger "MIAN" began to sell apartments in elite residential complex "Director" in the street pyreva and luxury "Copernicus" on Yakimanka. "Mirax design" made the author finish in new buildings MIRAX GROUP for sale ready to move homes. But for the secondary market a similar approach could be very risky. Although such a proposal at the end of last year and made the company "Avangard77", belonging to GK "Miele".

In the event of a sale "of apartments with repair" the company in advance checks and buys only guaranteed clean from a legal point of view apartments in the prestigious districts of the capital – CAO, UAB and South-West. The risk of this business model is that objects can be underestimated, and buyers will not accept new to the market offer. "After quality renovation, remodeling and pre-sale preparation of the property became more expensive by 30-40% similar proposals, – says Alla Vishnevskaya, Director of "Avangard77". it ’ s Also extremely demanding customers in the segment "business plus" it was possible simply not to please with the design".

However, the project proved quite popular, primarily due to the fact that in the end, enter into the newly renovated housing was made possible in just three days. And "secondary" the status of the apartments that allowed us to get customers mortgage loans at the height of the crisis. While the primary market all transactions with mortgage turned out to be collapsed.

Sale lovers
Every realtor knows that a rich client always feels lack of time. In addition, we cannot expect that all the wealthy buyers only live in Moscow or come here often and can personally inspect your future home. So one of the main challenges for people wishing to sell the apartment renovation was the need to show our products: to give a detailed visual representation of the purchased apartment, the house and its surroundings.

For each of these projects creates a website with many options and visualizations. In the course are wide angle photos, virtual 3D-tours through the apartment, as if the buyer were inside, studying the layout of their home, and quite a lot of information about the external environment of the house. There is such an option: anyone with a single click can automatically generate and save an electronic booklet of the desired object, in PDF format, with descriptions and photos.

As noted by Viktor Selezov, Internet consultant GC "Miele" description would be incomplete if the buyer has not been granted the layout of the apartment before and after repair and your favorite flats. Hosted portfolio helps the buyer to make the most objective impression about the quality we offer turnkey housing.

Customer vote with their wallet
As told the representatives of the company "Avangard77", from December 2008 to January 2009, there were sixteen deals with apartments, the average cost of which was about 15 million rubles With minimal promotion site traffic through the roof.

Customers were mostly non-resident businessmen aged 30 to 50 years. Interestingly, the lion's share of the audience, according to surveys of visitors were women. Thus, the initiative to buy this or that apartment came exactly from them. For the company apartments for sale repairs were "gold mine" and allowed to achieve high profitability even in challenging times. But the formula "buy, repair, show and sell" is fraught with a number of subtleties, and it is necessary to find the right recipe the second phase, namely the repair.

Guess by design
One of the main problems in the implementation of the idea of the secondary apartment is a "hit" a taste of the potential client. To make the project beneficial for many buyers, "averaging" design of residential interior decorators, there are many ideas and stamps – the muted colour schemes, avoiding extremes. But despite this, it is necessary to consider psychological factors: the client should be comfortable in their future housing. It needs to go and want to stay in it.

And people do not want to settle in apartments similar to each other, as twins-brothers. It turns out, the designers need in a very short period of time (for repair of one apartment and approval of documents given 3-4 months) to ensure uniqueness, and to get away from very specific solutions. To make repairs and redevelopment during this period is possible only by observing the simultaneity of several stages. While designers are engaged in the redevelopment, during which the Studio apartment can be a fashionable Studio, two-bedroom – a family apartment with two bedrooms, prepare documents for approval, in the apartment works. Purchases start as soon as draft is ready. To save on materials and the plumbing in these apartments is not worth it: it's what defines the class of the apartment. In the experiment the old apartment in "Stalin" acquired a new, well thought-out ergonomics, without which accommodation will not be not what the class "business plus", but even to the class of business. Actively used and gaining popularity of LED lights (super-bright efficient LEDs).

Project participants say that in the first apartments, the designers really tried to stick to the Golden mean. "Middle" style found its expression in the classics and "soft" the avant-garde. In subsequent works, the designers gained more freedom, creating a more bold decisions. And it turned out that bold solutions are in demand, if not among the compatriots among expats.

For example, at furnish of apartment on the Upper Radishevskaya street decorators wanted to give it a theatre Taganka spirit that is reflected in the interior. The environment of the house on the street Builders was inspired by French motifs – the design was made in the style of Provence.

I found this practice very beneficial to all parties. Designers get a lot of freedom, the company sells not just apartments, but quite a work of art, and for the buyer excludes the situation of a mismatch of real and repair "repair the picture". To make the choice easier when the apartment can be viewed live, and decide whether you like it or not.

"feature of the works without the client ’ s freedom of action without "adjustments", " says Constantin Shamrin, designer-decorator. – the Buyer already sees the completed interior, and only in this moment he decides to purchase future housing."

Evidence of how such a seemingly freestyle approach meets the needs of the demanding customer, is the fact that only one out of ten cases, the secondary buyer of the apartment asked to make some minor "cosmetic" changes to the project.

Can you use this model in economy class? As international experience shows, where all apartments are already finished, Yes. This year the Russian market has become to master this service, starting with the more expensive segments, and experts do not exclude that soon, these apartments can appear in the economy. And they, no doubt, will be in great demand, if we can keep the economy of repair to a minimum. As of today, doing repairs privately, specifically for the sale of the apartment, the sellers will not be able "to beat" even half of the costs. Only a massive refurbishment, will be able to give the right level of prices. In General, there is much to ponder, and it's definitely a good way to revive the market.

Employed Russians have chosen apartment
May 27, 2010
The real estate market have the opportunity to buy an apartment with repair, which almost immediately enter and live, while feeling quite comfortable.
Unable to get out of crisis
Jun 18, 2010
Since the beginning of year in Moscow was commissioned just over 1 million square meters of housing.
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