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May 29, 2009

An overview of the luxury housing market of Moscow for the 1st quarter of 2009

By data "Analytical consulting centre MIEL", in the first quarter of 2009, the average specific offer price in the primary market of elite housing amounted 579,5 thousand rubles/ sq m ±3,8% (16402 $/sq. m), quarterly growth of +3,8% (-16,6%).

In the secondary elite real estate market the median unit price was $ 441,2 rubles/ sqm ±1,7% (12729 $/sq. m., quarterly growth +6,4% (-14,4%).

More than half (65,0%) of the proposed apartments on the market of elite new buildings are arranged in complexes, 18,0% — in srednekvadratichnykh homes, 6.9% and 10.1% in low-rise homes and houses of club type.

Analysis of elite real estate supply on the market of new buildings has enabled to confirm the impact of factors such as the quality of accommodation and location on offer price. A large part of the most expensive of the proposals is concentrated in the elite new buildings of the highest class (KP1), the cheapest — in the buildings of the lower elite class (КП3). The most "expensive" areas are still Yakimanka (34.1% of the most expensive proposals and 63.5% of the sentences in the average price group) and Khamovniki (34.7 per cent of the most expensive proposals, 47.3% of offerings — an average, 18% — lower price group).

In the secondary market competition modern housing continue to be the apartment of an old residential Fund ("the Stalin" house, home of the Central Committee, the reconstructed old mansions and apartment houses of XIX–XX centuries), as well as housing in modern homes, high class quality in different districts of Moscow. The greatest number of proposals in areas Presnensky, Tverskoy and Khamovniki (10-13% of the total amount of apartments offered for sale). The most expensive deals in the secondary market as the primary focus in the areas of Khamovniki and Yakimanka. The share of apartments of the highest price category exceeds 35% of proposals in each of these areas.

Thus, in the first quarter of 2009 on the market elite habitation of Moscow it was possible to observe a decrease in the supply prices, and in March became noticeably resumption of positive price dynamics in both rubles and us dollars. According to our estimates, in the following months the trend will continue its development.

"ASC MIEL": at the regular market of Moscow recorded the maximum volume of deals over the past year and a half
Apr 14, 2009
By data "Analytical consulting centre MIEL", in March 2009 at the regular housing market of Moscow, the trends are similar to the previous month.
"The WORLD of APARTMENTS": the Russian real estate market there are chances for a speedy recovery
Jun 09, 2009
The participants of the XII National Congress on real estate was proposed anti-crisis marketing program for the Russian real estate market.
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